Picture Motion 

Campaigns & Grassroots Partnerships Manager

Full Time Employment

Location: Flexible

Base Salary: $60- 70k

Reporting to: VP of Impact Distribution & Experiences, Picture Motion


Job Description

Picture Motion, award-winning social impact agency for film and entertainment, is looking for someone who is ready to take on fast-paced, dynamic and incredibly rewarding work with the world’s best storytellers. If you are someone who believes that film and tv, when paired with the right campaign, can truly create change, then we want you. We are looking for an experienced project manager with a passion for technology, entertainment, and impact. 

The IDE Manager will serve as all impact campaigns that feature our grassroots screening and marquee screenings and will report directly to the VP of Impact Distribution and Experiences. They will foster a culture based on accountability and exceptional quality of work and act as a community connector, activating audiences and pushing for progressive change. Our clients range from new voices in independent filmmaking, podcasts, mixed media and music festivals to the biggest studios, so we are looking for someone who can thrive in working with both creatives and corporations. This person is adaptable, an excellent multitasker, and a critical thinker. You must be committed to social justice while understanding how to work within larger institutions. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Manager Responsibilities:

  • Picture Motion Operations 
    • Lead or participate in company meetings
    • Participate in campaign brainstorms
    • Stay current on industry trends and events
    • Participate in the development of monthly company newsletter, website, and blog
    • Upkeep of department documents relative to campaign work and best practices
  • Community Organization
    • Connect and nurture relationships with grassroots organizations and issue-area experts
    • Track intersectional connections between issue areas and audiences
  • Project Management
    • Draft development of materials and generate master project folder, contact and screening grids, etc
    • Coordinate and assist in delivery and storage of all incoming documents from client (marketing materials, referential guides, pre-existing contact grids, etc.) within Google Drive and Asana
    • When necessary, lead or assist execution of the following community screening, distribution, and event components:
      • Build and grow outreach lists relevant to campaigns (schools, organizations, potential partners, influencers, panelists, etc.)
      • Strategize outreach and creates / follows best practices
      • Conduct outreach by phone and email
      • Build outreach template documents and drafts outreach language
      • Build outreach tracking document
      • Track screening progress
      • Email outreach management using platforms like Streak
      • DVD distribution and collection (internal or oversee 3rd party fulfillment)
      • Lead communication with community screening / grassroots hosts
      • Draft surveys and collects post-screening assets (quotes, pictures, stories) 
      • Assist in development and research for impact opportunities above and beyond screenings (swag, creative asset or social media initiatives, influencers and panels, etc.)
      • Assists with updating event-related components / language on platforms like SplashThat or Eventbrite for screening hosts
      • When necessary, owns RSVP management for impact events
      • Contribute to wrap report + post-mortem documents
      • Extrapolate key insights from campaign data and create learning and recommendations for clients
    • Update Asana daily with assigned task status and follows up with teammates when necessary 
    • Flag when campaign tasks are overdue, at risk, or need to be rescheduled using a solution-based approach
  • Contact Data Maintenance 
    • Maintain, update, and track contacts in Streak and master database/CRM
  • Client / Vendor Management
      • Lead conversations with the client on calls related to community outreach, distribution, and results
      • Conduct professional outreach by phone and email
      • Coordinate and schedules meetings
      • Generate weeklies, meeting agendas, and follow-up call notes; send as needed
  • Department Participation and Vendors / Freelancers
    • Inform and assist in achieving department goals
    • Coordinate campaign work, as directed, to vendors and freelancers working on campaigns


Required Skills: 

  • Management
    • Garners the trust and respect of colleagues and clients
    • Able to effectively deal and address problems in campaigns and with teammates as they arise
    • Can problem solve and identify actions with a solutions-oriented approach that are best for the overall business and clients
    • Understand and enforce PicMo processes
  • Attention to Detail. Complete + Accurate Information
    • Accurate and complete note taking with documentation of next steps from meetings and daily tasks
    • Correct usage of grammar and formatting on all internal, external documents and communications
    • Understand and execute on campaign goals, strategy, tactics and KPI’s
    • Understand and execute excellent e-mail etiquette internally and externally
  • Time Prioritization 
    • Successfully self-manages time with assigned campaigns and tasks via appropriate deadlines
  • Flag and communicate when assignments and tasks are not meeting deadlines
    • Ability to multi-task multiple campaigns
  • Create client-ready documents 
    • Prepare weekly reports, agendas, etc on time with accurate updates and next steps. The client-ready doc is error-free and is prepared with little / no supervision
  • Self-motivation and willingness to learn
    • Proactively understands and executes on next steps 
    • Is able to troubleshoot problems and identify solutions to basic campaign challenges
    • Learn and grow from challenges and mistakes
    • Identify personal areas for growth and learning as it relates to Picture Motion and the Impact Distribution + Experiences team



  • 3-5 years experience
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams
  • Experience in independent film distribution, grassroots screenings or impact producing
  • Strong communication and client service skills
  • Highly organized and data-driven
  • Must be able to attend (digital and/or in-person when deemed safe) screenings and events happening after work and on weekends when applicable
  • Agency experience is a plus
  • Sense of humor and fun to work with a big plus
  • Must believe in the power of story to create social change

Benefits & Additional Information

  • Evening and weekend will be required on an as-needed basis
  • 10 days paid time off (plus one day for every year with the company)
  • Approximately 11 additional paid holidays per year
  • 2 civic engagement days per year
  • Unlimited mental and physical health days
  • Two week leave policy
  • 100% coverage of medical, dental, vision, & life insurance benefits
  • Flexible work location options
  • 401(k)
  • Internal company culture initiatives 
  • Optional commuter benefits (NYC)
  • Full List of Benefits Here

Picture Motion is dedicated to equity, diversity, and inclusion. While we have outlined ideal candidates, we are open to a range of diverse experiences and past careers and will provide mentorship, training, and leadership programs. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all - regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or Veteran status - to apply.

About Picture Motion

Mission: Support storytellers in their mission to create social and cultural impact. 

About: At PicMo we believe that films can change the world, and we work hard to make sure they do. We’re an award-winning impact agency for film and media. We work with filmmakers, studios, and networks to amplify awareness, create conversations, and drive engagement, all with the goal of expanding and activating audiences.

With team members across the country, we provide unmatched industry experience, services and access. This powerful combination allows us to effectively handle all aspects of an impact campaign, from strategy & planning to project management and implementation. Tactics can include impact strategy, partnership development, grassroots screening tours, impact events and online engagement. 

Recent Work: https://picturemotion.com/work 

We Believe In: 

  • The power of a story
  • The power of a small group of people
  • The power of conversation
  • That everyone has the capacity to take action in some way
  • The quality of an experience over the quantity of events
  • Measuring stories with stories; change is not a number
  • We believe in only working with clients who are human first - respect is a two way street
  • We believe in developing real partnerships - support is a two way street
  • That the film often amplifies, but it doesn’t necessarily originate
  • That a story can expose, inform, compel, inspire, and move, but it’s up to the audiences to act
  • The idea of strategic idealism: we focus on the end goal, envision that change, and then create a thoughtful plan to make it happen
  • Transparency is important. We are a progressive company and have no shame in being forthcoming about what we believe in
  • The entertainment industry we’re a part of is often angry, loud, and hazardous but we can use it for good
  • We have a strong sense of integrity, humanity, bravery and dedication to the work, the client, and the issue
  • We work with films that we believe in. Strong, inclusive, and character driven stories that are well-told, that entertain and inspire, drive empathy, build connection, open minds and resonate with audiences big and small
  • We believe a film does not need to speak to everyone but it must speak to those who have power to create change
  • We believe in all this because we believe that films can change the world, and we work hard to make sure they do

Recent and current clients include: National Geographic, EPIX, Amazon Studios, Participant Media, Showtime, Amazon Studios, Hulu, and Netflix, as well as award winning filmmakers. We’ve had the honor of working on films by Garret Bradley, Smriti Keshari, Matt Heineman, Ramona S. Diaz, Sophie Sartain, Bonnie Cohen and Jon Shenk, Brett Morgan, JR, James Keach, Lucy Walker, Lynn Novak, and Roger Ross Williams 

Brand social impact clients include films by: Patagonia, Juniper Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Red Bull, Ford, and Whole Foods

Recent titles include: Time, Athlete A,  True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight For Equality, The Cave, All In: The Fight for Democracy, One Child Nation, A Thousand Cuts, City So Real, The Report, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Free Solo, Jane, 13TH, LION, and An Inconvenient Sequel

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