Software Engineer (Systems and Platforms)

Petuum, Inc. seeks a Software Engineer (Systems and Platforms) in Sunnyvale, CA responsible for designing, developing, and implementing new software systems and machine learning (ML) platforms in support of the development of Petuum's next generation artificial intelligence (Al) product(s). Specific duties of this position will include: (i) developing and building Al/ML software system infrastructures and platforms using Python, C++, Go, Linux and multi-threaded computer programming languages; (ii) designing and enhancing ML platforms, including data clusters of CPU, GPU, network, and storage resources, for deployment on the cloud, data centers, and computer desktops; (iii) implementing and evaluating ML/Al workloads for optimization into defined networks and software systems; (iv) architecting virtualization hardwares and Linux platforms for distributed file/object software storage systems; and (v) keeping abreast of and reporting/presenting on emerging ML software engineering developments as well as implementing system updates into existing products and ML software prototypes.

Must have a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a directly related field.

Must have one (1) year of experience in a related (software development) position. The required one (1) year of experience must include one (1) year designing/developing software using: (i) C++; (ii) Python; (iii) Linux; and (iv) multi-threaded computer programming languages.

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