Permutive is looking for a compassionate Engineering Manager to lead and grow our incredibly talented and smart Infrastructure team.

You'll guide, direct and support the team's day-to-day work, and you'll take ownership of both the team's growth and delivery. At the moment, the team consists of a Senior DevSecOps Engineer and two Cloud Infrastructure Engineers; you will help us to define the team's growth, with the view that we will double the team's size by next year as a minimum.

As the manager within this team, you'll play a significant role in successfully scaling this team, from hiring diverse talented individuals, effectively onboarding new joiners, and mentoring each person to ensure they develop and grow.

The problem we're trying to solve

We believe that computing at the edge represents a sea change in the way technology will be built, but we need a highly scaled and resilient cloud infrastructure to make that happen. We've built a horizontally scalable streaming platform that is currently serving ~60k req/s. In doing this, our technology is deployed across dozens of the world's largest web properties, and is being deployed to 100's of millions of users.

As we move forward with our ambitious plans for the platform, we need an experienced manager to lead the team through its next stage of growth — ensuring the team is equipped to support a growing engineering team alongside owning the infrastructure of a platform operating at an ever-increasing scale

Some of the questions you will help us to answer in this role

  • How do you best support the professional development of a diverse engineering team, where people sit at different points on the Manager—Individual Contributor spectrum?
  • When and who should we hire into the team? How can we pre-empt team capacity issues?
  • What do we need to deliver to achieve stages 4 and 5 of the DevOps evolution model (as defined in the state of DevOps report 2020)?
  • How can we best collaborate with other Engineering Managers and Technical Leads to define roadmaps and create success metrics for the team?
  • How do we support the demands of an ever growing engineering team in a fair and transparent way?
  • How do we continue to allow engineers to move quickly and efficiently while maintaining the resiliency and performance necessary to operate at scale?
  • How do we manage expectations and/or friction between developers and security principles, by ensuring we get a right balance between developer autonomy and principle of least privilege?
  • How do you maintain and scale an infrastructure that optimises for developers having complete observability (like monitoring, logging, traceability and live debugging)?

The wider technology context

The platform your team are delivering is the cornerstone powering our 10x growth, building services ourselves or leveraging those from (mainly) Google Cloud. Our core values of automation and delivering with a small, highly capable team mean things like infrastructure as code is a core part of our culture and are owned by the whole team.

We're huge believers in functional programming, type safety and of building the highest quality, most scalable technology we can. We want our engineers to own as much as possible, so we believe empowering them to make (and be accountable for) big strategic decisions is one of the first steps in building a great engineering culture.

The ideal person for this role will have

  • Strong communication skills, patience, and empathy.
  • Prior experience managing teams of 10+ engineers.
  • Experience executing on strategic vision in a high-growth environment.
  • A focus on bringing out the best in the engineers in a team and empowering them to progress in their career and technical capabilities.
  • Experience promoting a first-class DevOps culture and empowering engineers to work in an autonomous way.
  • Prior involvement in building teams: from hiring to onboarding engineers.
  • A solid technical understanding of working in an environment running cloud infrastructure with GCP and/or AWS.
  • A demonstrable breadth of technical knowledge.

We'd be particularly excited if you have one or more of the below

  • Experience working in a fast-growing team or startup.
  • Experience managing infrastructure at scale.
  • Experience building and maintaining infrastructure-as-code, automation, and observability.
  • Commercial experience working with Kubernetes.

How we pay

We take a structured, objective approach to salary-setting, which is based on market information, our compensation strategy, and your experience and capability as assessed through our interview process.

For a typical candidate meeting most of our requirements we would likely pay £125,000 + options.

For a candidate with a breadth of experience, and who meets several of our bonus criteria, we'd pay up to £140,000 + options.


  • Stock options (you'll own a piece of the pie)
  • Parental Leave Policy entitling new parents up to 26 weeks of leave on full pay
  • Everyone has an annual learning budget of £2,400 which we encourage you to use to level up
  • Time to rest and relax with unlimited paid leave (minimum expectation of 25 days annually)
  • Extensive training and development opportunities
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Automatic enrolment into our pension scheme from day one
  • Free access to Spill, our mental health partners

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Permutive, we’re taking a thoughtful, intersectional, long-term approach to diversity, equity & inclusion. We care deeply about creating an inclusive work environment that allows everyone to flourish, and we are taking continual action to progress in that direction. If you would like to read an outline of efforts we have already made towards becoming a more inclusive company as well as insight into what we are actively working on, you can find that information here.

How we are responding to COVID-19

We have a presence in London and New York. Permutive is a remote first company committed to working from home for all Permutive employees until February 2022. We have invested significant time and budget into ensuring that everyone is suitably equipped to manage this time period. Our guiding principle behind any decision we make will always be the health and well-being of our employees. In February 2022, we will continue to be a remote first company, and all employees will have optional access to in-person collaboration space in NYC and London.

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