Periscope is the fastest, most powerful data analysis suite on the market. It's the platform of choice for professional analysts, who spend 5+ hours a day using the product.

We're growing revenue about 10X per year, while growing the team about 4X per year.

We are a company of optimistic, respectful, and cheerful people. We share each other's victories, and are learning and growing together — everyone is welcome to the product design parties, data visualization reading group, and Periscope code club.

We care deeply about our customers, our product, and our team — every Friday we toast to new customers, new teammates, and new product milestones. We are looking for someone with a can-do attitude who takes pride in their teammates and celebrates the team's success.

Current Job Openings at Periscope Data

Customer Solutions


Senior Security Engineer
San Francisco


Creative Director
San Francisco
Director of Marketing
San Francisco


Senior Product Manager
San Francisco


Customer Engineer
San Francisco
Sales Engineer
San Francisco
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