Perfect Day

Perfect Day is a leader in precision fermentation on a mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow by transforming supply chains—starting with dairy. Leveraging expertise across biology, food innovation, and consumer products, Perfect Day empowers companies to develop, scale, and commercialize next-generation products that satisfy market demands and champion a path towards a more sustainable future.  

Why Start a Career at Perfect Day? 

At Perfect Day, we’re redesigning ingredients to make the foods we love with almost no impact to earth or animals. By updating age-old fermentation, we’ve partnered with nature to create our flagship product, the world’s first cow milk protein made without cows. Perfect Day animal-free milk protein is identical to cow milk protein, so it tastes, feels, and nourishes just like traditional dairy, but it’s fermented, not farmed. 

By producing dairy proteins through fermentation, Perfect Day is committed to building a more agile, resilient food system. We’re not doing it small, and we’re not doing it alone — we’re making systemic change with partners around the world through our three business units: B2B ingredients, consumer brands, and enterprise biology. 

Our team brings their diverse experiences to the table every day to make better products without compromise. We believe in the limitless potential of our technology in strengthening the food system and healing the planet. That’s why our team spans the globe bringing together the best and brightest minds to help us scale to meet commercial demands and innovate on brand new animal-free products. Join our team and help us create a kinder, greener tomorrow – every contribution matters.  


Current Job Openings


Global Head of Bio Analytics
Bangalore, India

Downstream Process Development

Upstream Fermentation

Scientist - I