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Senior Localization Specialist 

Reports to: Product Content and Localization Team Manager


PeopleDoc is on a mission to make the difficult job of HR easier. The PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery platform helps HR teams more easily answer employee requests on demand, automate employee processes, and manage compliance across multiple locations. 


PeopleDoc cloud solutions include case management, process automation and employee file management. 100% software as a service, PeopleDoc solutions integrate with existing HR systems, can be implemented in 8-12 weeks, and are designed for agile ongoing use by HR teams serving diverse workforces. PeopleDoc serves more than 2,500 clients with employees in 165 countries in 32 languages with a 99.9% customer retention rate. More information is available at 


Our solutions:

* PeopleDoc HR Document Management

* PeopleDoc Employee Portal & Case Management 

* PeopleDoc HR Shared Services 

* PeopleDoc Employee Onboarding


Job Description/ Job Summary:

Location: Paris Office

We are in the process of improving the quality of our content in 21 languages, across all our solutions. Over the past year, we have redefined our localization workflows and began developing the tools and resources necessary to provide higher quality localizations.

As a localization specialist, this role is responsible for ensuring that best practices in content internationalization are upheld by all feature teams, that content is deployed so that it can be appropriately and timely localized by the localization team, and that all product content in all supported languages reflects the tone of voice and quality of the original.

As a senior member of the content, localization and user experience teams, this role is responsible for acting as a key stakeholder in the product development lifecycle, striving to provide support and guidance to product and non-product teams alike (learning, support, marketing and legal, among others). This role also includes acting as the main point of reference for all localization and internationalization efforts across product teams.

The successful candidate will be required to:

  • Collaborate with the UX writer to ensure a high-quality source copy in English
  • Assist product managers in building features for multi-country clients
  • Develop, update, maintain and communicate all documentation related to content localization (localized strings, localization contexts, localization workflows, etc.) and internationalization standards and procedure
  • Help the development team in following I18N standards and procedures for every technical framework of our tech stack
  • Manage language-specific style guide and glossaries
  • Ensure a Quality Assurance process to validate translations
  • Provide support on all things localization for other internal teams (sales, marketing, learning, and support, among others)


Competencies required:

You will have:

  • Exceptional working English language skills
    • English is our source language for translation and the language the team works in, so it is important that you have good command of written and spoken English (both UK and US)
  • Experience working as a localization specialist in the Saas industry, with a good understanding of localization best-practices
  • Experience in i18n processes and standards and acting as a point of contact for all technical i18n and l10n efforts 
  • Well-developed time and task management skills, and the ability to work on multiple and concurrent projects
  • A go-getter, self-starter attitude and a passion for learning
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple teams and stakeholders in a fast-paced and global organization


Formal qualifications in translation/localization, communication or copywriting are viewed favourably as well as a proven capacity to identify, anticipate and manage the needs of multilingual and multicultural projects. 


Knowledge of other languages or cultures, familiarity with CAT tools, or experience with the HR industry or UX/technical writing are definite pluses. 


How to apply:

Please supply your resume and a letter of application - explaining why you are a great fit for the role.

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