Tribe Lead in the HRSD Organization is a role focused on animating a group of employees sharing the same specific and highly value skill (example: Java, JavaScript, Python or testing automation). This community is a space to mentor, guide, improve and develop fellowship skills and knowledge. The Tribe Lead is responsible for ensuring that this collaborative and transversal effort is efficient and that the SRE/DTO culture and knowledge are up-to-date and consistent across the organization.  

As the SREs and DTOs will now be hosted directly into the business teams, the transversal collaboration, coordination and knowledge sharing will be key. Every SRE and DTO member of the tribe will act as an ambassador and guide of this SRE culture and will spread the mindset, the tools and the processes in the business teams, empowering her/his teammates with infrastructure topics (network, storage, performance, scalability etc...) at every moment of the software delivery, putting its specialist knowledge at the service of the business as an active member of the team.  

The particularity of the Site Reliability and DevToolOps context is that tribe will also be responsible of very operational and business-oriented topics such as the monitoring and the management of shared infrastructures (Openstack, Rackspace etc...), components (Redis, RabbitMQ...) and tools (CI, Tower etc...), missions that was previously led by a dedicated team.  

The challenge of this Tribe Lead position resides in this difficulty: defining, spreading and empowering the teams with the SRE culture while maintaining centralized infrastructure services at least until the lines are fully autonomous with their infrastructure. 

the Tribe Lead will also be an active contributor to the evolution, the maintenance and the documentation of the HRSD stack architecture. In particular, she/he will be part of the definition of the new public-cloud oriented HRSD infrastructure footprint and will actively collaborate with the other UKG SRE and Cloud teams. 

This position opens to people management responsibilities as it may be needed to have people dedicated to the tribe missions.  

Primary/Essential Duties and Key Responsibilities:  

Define and share the SRE culture (define target and KPIs, communicate results, etc...) 

  • Animate the SRE/DTO community (define and animate instances, build documentations, etc...)
  • Drive the centralized and shared infrastructure strategy (roadmap, resource allocation, budget, providers management etc...) 
  • Be part (with the Product Development) of the delivery process (RPD, drive meeting, etc...). 
  • Be part of the architecture and technology strategy (cotech, architecture mission...) 
  • Collaborate with UKG SRE and Cloud teams 
  • Manage potential dedicated tribe members 

Required Qualifications: 

(Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)  

  • Mastery of the specific skill of the community 
  • Proficiency in the Agile development life cycle 
  • Proven technical problem-solving skills 
  • Professional ability to represent the Tribe within all levels 
  • Experience driving positive change within the team via process manipulation 
  • Experience setting goals and focusing on measurable results 
  • Professional ability to be a leader within the team as well as someone who is able to represent the team within the company 
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with other groups within the organization 


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