As a software engineer on the e-commerce Logistics team, you will increase the e-commerce logistics capacity by augmenting the inter-operation of e-commerce and downstream Logistics Enterprise Systems. You will work closely with Project Managers and Product Managers on the E-commerce Platform Scrum Team to support Work Order fulfillment and Schedule Appointment capabilities as well as maintain the e-commerce Inventory Eligibility and support e-commerce ATP Inventory awareness.



  • Actively maintain and build a culture of learning, respect, transparency, and trust
  • Perform backend development with a variety of languages including but not limited to Python, Javascript/TypeScript, Kotlin, etc
  • Write understandable, testable code with an eye towards maintainability and scalability
  • Collaborate with other engineers by taking part in pair programming, whiteboarding solutions, and team discussions to work as a team rather than working in isolation
  • Help to evolve our system, organically, without over-engineering to promote simplicity, and operating software
  • Promote constant refactoring while developing features or touching existing code to keep the codebase as clean as possible
  • Promote iterative development, using best practices such as feature toggles, CI/CD, canary releases, test automation, logging, and monitoring to ensure confidence in our release process
  • Active engagement in technical discussions during architecture meetings, code reviews, and design docs to help promote a culture of learning and constant improvement
  • Defend the integrity of the codebase, never compromising on code quality
  • Have the ability to say NO, respectfully challenge ideas, and call out potential trade-offs
  • Become a domain expert in e-commerce by working closely with our product managers and stakeholders
  • Partner with our SRE and infrastructure teams to scale and monitor our services


  • You have 6 or more years of software development experience
  • You are passionate about technology, new ideas and always willing to learn new things
  • You have a love for clean, elegant code
  • You have an understanding of agile, lean, and DevOps principles
  • You have a sense of testing and CI/CD
  • You have a solid understanding of object-oriented and functional programming design principles.
  • You have experience with two or more aspects of our tech stack (Python, Kotlin, Javascript/TypeScript, Postgres, AWS, GraphQL, DataDog, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • You are familiar with at least one backend framework like Django, Rails, Spring, or similar
  • You can work in high growth, fast-paced environments and can adapt to change
  • You have an expert understanding of industry best practices and standards
  • You have excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • You have an acute attention to detail and dedication to quality
  • You have experience with at least one database engine (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.)
  • You have experience with SQL and NoSQL databases


  • Have experience integrating e-commerce software
  • Have experience working with Enterprise Systems like SAP and Salesforce
  • Enjoy tech talks, katas, lunch and learns, and geeking-out over programming languages, architecture, category theory, or whatever engineering topic you are passionate about
  • Attend meetups, conferences, and participate in the software engineering community
  • Contribute to open-source projects
  • Have experience migrating a monolithic system to an ecosystem of microservices
  • Have practiced Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Have experience with or knowledge of DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing
  • Enjoy talking to product, design, and business stakeholders to understand the problem space better
  • Worked on a system that had to deal with internationalization and localization



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