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We are excited that games have grown to become the most popular activity by time spent. Our games allow millions of gamers to play in our game’s evolving virtual world at the same time via the internet (PC, Mobile and Console). Games are more fun when you play them with friends and people.

Whether you are competing or collaborating, building relationships is one of the most important elements of a game. We are best known for creating breathtaking games and giving our users an out-of-this-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) experience. According to MMORPG Gaming Market – Growth, Trends, Forecasts report, the MMORPG gaming market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 9.5%. during the forecast period of 2020-2025.

About Pearl Abyss America Inc.

Pearl Abyss America, Inc. is a developer and publisher of entertainment software. We support breathtaking games that are unimaginable to others. We believe in creating games and experiences for our global player community. We create extraordinary game experiences for our millions of players everywhere by bringing together talented people that love to combine their passion, creativity, and innovation.

Founded in 2018, Pearl Abyss America Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pearl Abyss and located in Manhattan Beach (Los Angeles, CA).

About Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss is a game company that aspires to create a new, exhilarating, unforgettable adventure and experience. Over 50 million players have played Black Desert Online. Our portfolio of games includes Black Desert Online, Black Desert Console, and Black Desert Mobile. Pearl Abyss is focused on developing the next highly anticipated releases in Crimson Desert, DokeV, and PLAN 8.

Founded in 2010, Pearl Abyss has studios and offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Anyang, South Korea; Los Angeles, United States; Taipei, Taiwan; and Tokyo, Japan. Pearl Abyss is a publicly traded company on the Korea Exchange in South Korea.

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