The kind of person we're looking for:

We are looking for someone who is comfortable working with a small team of experienced engineers supporting a web-based solution that provides gift and loyalty card processing, and email marketing for retail merchants. The development and testing is done in various platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac OS X - using a variety of commercial and Open Source tools. You will be responsible for running various test cases against the code in the QA lab and ensuring the quality of the product.

The kind of stuff you'll be doing:

  •  Participating in system requirements and design meetings. Our process requires detailed documentation and review of requirements and design with the team
  •  Working with developers to write test plans for new features
  •  Running the test plans and work with the development resources to successfully complete software releases
  •  Running manual tests against various POS (Point Of Sale) systems like Micros, Aloha, POSitouch, xPient, VeriFone, etc…
  •  Running manual and automated tests against the web-based server
  •  Testing our mobile solution in iPhone and Android platforms
  •  Working with our powerful suite of python-based Automated Test (AT) scripts. You will work with the existing AT scripts to run them, make changes as needed and add more scripts to the AT suite

The kind of experience you'll need:

  •  Excellent oral communication skills. We are a small team and talk between individuals happens daily. The person should be able to handle questions, meetings and other interruptions.
  •  Ablility to effectively work and communicate with other teams within the company.
  •  Excellent written communication skills. The job requires that test plans are well documented to prove the quality of the test cases
  •  Attention to details. It is required that any details of the product be tested and verified
  •  Good command of popular cross-team documentation tools like: excel, word, wiki pages, email
  •  4+ years of experience with Windows systems

The extra stuff that would be nice:

  •  Knowledge of Automated Testing tools
  •  Knowledge of Open Source Testing tools and platforms
  •  Any programming experience
  •  Database access and management experience, in particular, Microsoft SQL Server

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