Pathward, N.A.

Pathward: A Financial Empowerment Company

At Pathward®™, N.A. leading the way to financial access is the heart of our business. Since our founding, we’ve worked to advance financial inclusion by seeking out diverse partners (e.g. program managers, fintech’s, processors and government agencies) to identify markets where people and businesses are underserved. Through these partnerships, our national bank charter, and a deep understanding of risk mitigation, we disrupt traditional banking norms by delivering financial products, services, and funding to the people and businesses who need them most.

Pathward is proud to be certified™ as a Great Place to Work®! Our People & Culture team at Pathward is committed to an inclusive, safe, and healthy workplace with opportunities for professional growth. Our goal is to help our employees stay healthy, create long-term financial security, and to maintain a work/life balance.

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Current Job Openings

465-EFT Operations

EFT Support I



656-Acquiring Solutions

660-Workforce Management

661-Partner Services

663-EA and EIM

667-Bus Transformation

669-Product Management

670-Financial Operations


701-IT Infrastructure

924-CF Field Exam

932-Working Capital