About Parity

Parity Technologies builds core infrastructure for blockchains and Web 3.0 technologies. This means dealing with P2P networking, consensus algorithms, cryptography, databases, and decentralised applications. We strive to write the fastest, lightest, and safest core technology in Blockchain and write lots of open-source code. So far, we’ve built and launched live networks like Kusama and Polkadot atop the Substrate blockchain framework.


About the position and Parity Labs

We’re assembling a team of best-in-class research engineers to work on cutting-edge research and prototyping development for the future of Polkadot. These early-stage initiatives encompass a swath of challenging distributing computing and blockchain-related problems. On the Parity Labs team, you’ll be working in close collaboration with Polkadot and Parity Founder Gavin Wood and a mid-sized team of fellow research engineers. Our intention is to establish Cambridge as a physical hub and prospective meeting point for the Parity Labs team.


What we’re looking for

  • Expert-level knowledge and experience in one of more of the following fields: p2p networking, databases, cryptography, GPU engineering, economics, VMs, Rust, Rlang, game engine development, and of course, blockchain
  • Deep personal investment in Parity’s values of freedom, humility, & engineering excellence

Some “Nice-to-haves”:

  • Extensive background in open source software
  • Academic and/or deep tech research background
  • Past contributions groundbreaking technologies

Interested in learning more? We welcome you to apply and discover what we have planned for Labs through some introductory calls with those involved who will be involved in the initiatives.

Not a perfect match to our requirements? We're happy to receive your application anyways and hear how you think you can help us achieve our mission.

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