Note to applicants: our headquarters is located in Berlin, but Parity has teammates distributed across the EU and beyond. Remote working arrangements are common and possible; we're happy to discuss this more during the recruiting process!


About Parity

At Parity Technologies we maintain and create blockchain software. We strive to write the fastest, lightest, and safest core technology in Blockchain and write lots of open-source code. Parity Technologies is based in Berlin and London, but remote work is possible for the right people and we are flexible on location.

We believe in giving back to the community and are looking for someone familiar with the open-source Rust ecosystem. You should be proficient in Rust and familiar with writing low and high-level code, a functional style of programming, and have a strong knowledge of computer science.

Parity works in a very flat hierarchy with lots of autonomy and high levels of personal responsibility, and we try to mimic an open-source workflow in much of what we do. We have an older article on our blog about our development practices which you may want to read.


About the position:

For this role you will be mostly working on Substrate’s module for smart contracts ‒ the contracts pallet, a virtual machine that runs WebAssembly smart contracts. This is highly security sensitive code that is subject to one of the most adversarial environments in computing: Deterministically executing untrusted code in a highly resource constrained system. Hence an extra amount of consideration is required when designing and implementing new features. That said, there is a lot of room for innovation which allows for a rewarding work experience.

Expect to deal directly with WebAssembly bytecode on a regular basis in order to write tests, implement instrumentation passes, debug contract code or evaluate how the contracts platform could profit from integrating new WebAssembly proposals.

As the contracts pallet sometimes reaches the limits of Substrate’s runtime authoring framework you will also venture deeper into its codebase from time to time in order to improve the underlying infrastructure.

Improving performance, integrating XCM, and most importantly, getting WebAssembly smart contracts ready for Polkadot are some of the things on our roadmap.

You will be working with Alex and be in regular contact with the ink! team.


  • Experience with Rust, particularly writing high-performance high-security code.
  • Knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other blockchain technologies.
  • Familiarity with the Rust ecosystem.
  • An interest in decentralized technology and Web 3.

Nice to have:

For this role you can expect to mostly work on the logical level of the blockchain state transition function but also dive deep into code compilation and execution. Deep knowledge in one of the following areas is especially appreciated.

  • Deep knowledge of the Wasm specification and upcoming proposals.
  • Deep knowledge of the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM).
  • Deep knowledge of and ability to write compilers (especially with a Wasm focus).
  • Experience implementing decentralized applications, including “Layer 1” and “Layer 2” approaches.


  • Competitive salaries and benefits.
  • Opportunity to become an expert in the latest blockchain technologies.
  • Working at Parity means focusing on stuff that matters: building cutting-edge technology for a better and more decentralized internet. Our teams enjoy a high degree of freedom and autonomy to achieve that goal.
  • Because we value initiative and learning, we've defined a generous personal improvement budget to attend conferences or skills courses of your own choosing. We think you know what's best for you!
  • Parity is a diverse company with people from various countries and we will support you with German or English language courses where needed (and desired).
  • We have a remote-friendly company setup.
  • Bringing the team together is something we value a lot and we have regular company retreats (or will have, pending the Covid pandemic).

Not a perfect match to our requirements? We're happy to receive your application anyways and hear how you think you can help us achieve our mission.

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