About Parity

Parity Technologies builds mission-critical infrastructure for blockchains and Web 3.0 technologies. This means dealing with P2P networking, consensus algorithms, cryptography, databases, and decentralized applications.


As a Polkadot Integration Engineer, you will support infrastructure providers like custodians, wallets, block explorers, and validators in the Web 3 ecosystem.


We have two open positions for this role, one for European business hours and one for Asian business hours.


  • Working on technical integrations to add the Polkadot stack to external infrastructure.
  • Working with application developers on cutting edge blockchain development.
  • Enabling parachain builders who are getting started with Substrate.
  • Maintaining relationships with partners and supporting them long-term.
  • Writing documentation to ensure that our documentation answers common questions and stays up to date.
  • Collecting and communicating feedback to inform product development.


  • Ability to work during regular business hours of either Europe (CET) or Asia (SGT).
  • Knowledge of and interest in decentralized technologies.
  • Working knowledge of at least one programming language and Linux basics.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical information in a clear, precise, and concise manner.
  • Ability to communicate and function in a distributed team.


  • Opportunity to become an expert in the latest blockchain technologies. 
  • Working at Parity means focusing on the stuff that counts: building the most cutting-edge technology for the future web. Our teams enjoy a high degree of trust, freedom, and autonomy to achieve that goal.
  • Because we value initiative and learning, we've defined a generous personal budget to attend conferences or skills courses of your own choosing. We think you know what's best for you!
  • Parity is a diverse company with people from various countries and we will support you with German language courses where needed.
  • Not all of us who collaborate work in the same place. Bringing the team together is something we value a lot, so we regularly go on team retreats.

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