Every day we interact with technologies controlled by a handful of large companies whose interests and incentives often conflict with our own. If we want the benefits of using their proprietary apps, we’re forced to agree to terms that most of us will never read, granting these companies far-reaching control over our digital lives.

At the same time, progress in open-source and decentralized technologies like blockchain has shown that we can build systems that prioritize individual sovereignty over centralized control. With these new technologies, there’s no need to trust any third parties not to be or become evil.

Parity Technologies is a team of the world’s premiere blockchain developers building industry-leading technologies that enable developers, startups, and enterprises to create this next wave of better products and services. You’ll join at a critical moment when the future of the decentralized web is being shaped, and perform an influential role in making a more equitable society our future. 

We are looking for an experienced, creative and enthusiastic Copywriter to develop, manage, and execute content that increases brand awareness, drives traffic, and generates leads. If you love exploring blockchain tech and its use cases and creating high-impact content that drives business success, we want you on our team! 


  • Implement our content strategies, campaigns, and plans to drive leads, subscribers and brand awareness
  • Create high-quality novel content for each campaign to drive engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, from software engineers to non-technical blockchain enthusiasts
  • Copywriting for websites, landing pages, blogs, videos, infographics and advertising campaigns
  • Collaborate with graphic designers to create visually attractive pieces of content
  • Monitor content performance to identify trends and anticipate stakeholder needs
  • Review and update published content as needed

Required skills:

  • 5+ years experience in Communications, with at least 3 years in Content and Copywriting
  • 2+ years working in the blockchain industry
  • Strong skills in creating original content that targets a specific audience and meets business objectives
  • Appreciation for quality content and the ability to create it
  • Excellent copywriting skills for various channels and formats
  • English language fluency or mother tongue
  • Experience in a fast-paced and growing startup environment
  • Ability to multitask and take on multiple assignments
  • Critical thinker, well organized and detail-oriented problem solver
  • Team player and self starter who isn’t afraid to take initiative


  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, journalism, public relations or related field
  • Familiarity with computer science and software engineering
  • Experience working with multiple brands at the same time
  • Familiarity with multiple content management systems and analytics software
  • Experience working on scripts and concepts for videos and visual animations
  • Expertise with using SEO best practices to write creative copy that includes effective keyword placement
  • Having experience with communicating and collaborating with distributed teams
  • Familiarity with open source software culture

Work Samples:

Please share a portfolio or links to your published work along with your application, showing a range of examples to demonstrate the breadth and depth of your experience.

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