Pardes Biosciences

Pardes Biosciences is an agile biopharmaceutical company committed to solving some of the world’s most pressing public health challenges. Pardes leverages structure-based drug design and a tunable, reversible covalent chemistry platform for novel drug discovery.
The company’s lead product candidate, PBI-0451, is being developed as a potential direct-acting, oral antiviral drug to treat and prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections. PBI-0451 is designed to inhibit the coronavirus main protease, an essential protein for SARS-CoV-2. This protease is highly similar across all coronaviruses, including emerging coronavirus variants. Pardes Biosciences is headquartered in Carlsbad CA.

Our Investors

Pardes Biosciences is backed by a world class team of investors with deep expertise in biopharmaceutical research and development, digital health, diagnostics, and care delivery transformation.  These investors share a goal of supporting the growth of new companies that have the potential to transform their respective industries and improve the health of patients across the globe.

Current Job Openings

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