At Parade, we're not just part of the freight industry; we're leading its technological revolution. 

With our groundbreaking AI-driven solutions, we're transforming trucking into a smarter, more efficient world. Our journey has been exciting: a $12.7M Series A led by Menlo Ventures in 2022 and a significant $17 million investment in 2023 have fueled our mission. These milestones don't just reflect our growth—they're a testament to the trust and belief the industry and our investors have in our vision.

We're not just about growth and technology; we're about impact.

We've engineered a platform that dramatically improves freight brokerage operations. From precise pricing and optimized bidding to seamless integration and efficient load booking, our results speak for themselves: a 30% increase in loads booked, a 10x boost in carrier network, and a 25% surge in repeat carriers. These aren't just numbers; they're the outcomes of our relentless drive to innovate.

Our culture is the heartbeat of our success.

We're committed to a growth mindset, constantly pushing boundaries and reimagining what's possible in freight. At Parade, we value ideas and initiative from everyone. We are a team of quick thinkers and efficient doers, united by our mission to empower every player in the freight industry.

If you're passionate about making a real difference, data-driven and innovative, Parade is where you belong. We're looking for people ready to dive in, roll up their sleeves, and help us continue writing this incredible story.

Join us, and be part of a team that's shaping the future of freight!

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