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In the U.S. alone, over 30 million patients per year are prescribed care via paper and fax. The ordering process is long, complicated, and yields an 83% error rate. Discharges are delayed, patients are stuck in care facilities, and often readmitted shortly thereafter if they do not receive the life-saving products they need.

The world is transitioning to digital ordering. At Parachute Health, we’re leading the charge with a platform that is 10 times faster than the status quo. We connect with major hospitals, payors, and suppliers of life-saving products. Our vision of a "delightfully simple" digital ordering experience for clinicians pushes us forward to transforming the world of post-acute care.

Founded in New York City, Parachute Health is the leading post-acute software platform with a network of over 3,000 supplier locations and 370,000 clinicians across 60,000 healthcare facilities across all 50 states. We help millions of patients each year access medical equipment, supplies and services they need quickly and reliably.

NOTE: Please beware of increasingly prevalent employment scams. The Parachute Health hiring team will never contact a candidate from a personal email address (e.g.,, etc.); conduct an interview or extend an offer via text message or instant message; send a newly hired employee a paper check to purchase their own office supplies; or request personal or banking information in an interview.

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