Who We Are  

PALO IT is a global innovation consultancy and Agile software development company dedicated to helping organizations embrace tech as a force for good. We work with clients to rapidly launch products and services, create new business models, leadership and culture for the future. We are a community of innovators, designers and technologists across 10 offices and five continents (France, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, USA, Brazil and Colombia).  

We're committed to helping businesses transform our world for the better. We're proud to be a World Economic Forum (WEF) New Champion, and a B Corp-certified company in México, Singapore and Hong Kong, currently working towards certification across all other locations.  

Our Impact in PALO IT  

Using our B Corp certification and WEF status as our north star, we’re eager to adapt to change, learn from our experiences and move to meet our planet’s urgent needs. With 2025 as our horizon, we are taking action to meet the following objectives:  

  • Become a climate net-zero company 
  • Attain 50% of revenue from projects with a positive impact 
  • Train 100% of our workforce on impact 
  • Achieve B Corp certification among all 11 of our offices across the globe 
  • Attain 90% happy employees at PALO IT  

Our clients are amongst the world's most successful companies. We innovate with both established Fortune 1000s, SMEs and start-ups who aim to make an impact, become global leaders and address the world's most complex challenges.  

What does your job look like?   

The Software Architect is responsible for designing development architectures and guidelines, training the TL and development team in these new architectures, advising the technical team and reviewing and validating the solution designs that are being created by the development Squads, their Coding time is considered to be at most 40%, the activities it performs are as follows.

Your main responsibilities will be to 

  • Design Foundations architecture based on microservices, containers with cloud ready and cloud native approach
  • Create PoC to validate the proposed architecture
  • Document the reference architecture in confluence
  • Validate and design solution deployment topologies, documenting with infrastructure diagrams
  • Validate and approve in conjunction with the Governance Team the specialization of the solution architecture
  • Validate the inventory of the components of the solution to be deployed and created in the infrastructure, some of the components to be considered are:

    • Database (Scripts) 
    • Events (Schema Avro) 
    • APIs (Endpoints to publish) 
    • Microservices  
    • Endpoints enabling in K8s, Load balancer and Ingress Gateway 
    • Variables configuration in config-maps in K8s 
    • Secrets configuration in secrets-k8s or vault 
  • Document and validate the deployment topology
  • Design the solution namespaces in K8s
  • Create libraries common to the reference architecture
  • Create components to write and read from kafka topics
  • Create components and configurations for writing to and reading from the database
  • Adjust code templates with the event and database components
  • Maintain and evolve the generated code templates
  • Create components and recommendations to integrate with Dynatrace (containers) and ELK (logback)  
  • Participate in the definition of guidelines for naming APIs, microservices (gRPC) and normalization of ER models.

Development Squad 

  • Create and communicate the design guidelines for rest APIs and gRPC microservices (Contract firts).
  • Validate the ER model of the microservices that complies with the standard.
  • Communicate and train on development guidelines and patterns established by Architecture (taxonomies)
  • Advise on team designs and how to document the architecture.

 What you need to succeed on this rol:

Frameworks and modeling languages

  • Knowledge of SEI or 4+1 systems architecture practices
  • Knowledge in agile (not only scrum)
  • UML modeling language, such as sequence and class diagrams
  • BPMN modeling language (nice to have)
  • Archimate modeling language (nice to have)
  • [Must] TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • [Must] BDD (Behavior Driven Design)
  • [Must] Event Storming & DDD [Domain Driven Design].

Architectural styles and design patterns 
It is mandatory that you understand these microsevices patterns 

  • CQRS
  • SAGA (Choreography and Orchestration)
  • API Gateway
  • API design using OpenAPI Swagger
  • Knowledge of an API Manager
  • Contract first design with gRPC and protobuf
  • Exposure of microservices using the following mechanisms
  • Rest
  • GRPC
  • Schema design with avro
  • [Nice to Have] knowledge of some public cloud and cloud native knowledge


It is essential that you have concepts of Monitoring and Observability, you will not implement directly, you will only integrate ELK and Dynatrace. 
Knowledge in any of these tools 

  • ELK  
  • Dynatrace  
  • DevOps (Automation), you should not have a deep knowledge but know what it is, because they are components that are used in all solutions.
  • CI/CD Concepts
  • CI Engine (must, knowledge in 1 of these tools)
  • Github actions
  • gitlab ci/cd
  • Bitbucket pipelines
  • Jenkins (recommended)
  • CD Engine (nice to have) 
  • ArgoCD [GitOps] 
  • Jenkins 
  • Git (must) 
  • Branch Strategy 
  • MR/PR 
  • Quality Code: Sonar  
  • Containers: Docker (must) 
  • Service Mesh: Linkerd (nice to have) 
  • K8s: Openshift or K8s (must)

Programming languages 

  • Java 11+ (must) [Java streams, Optional, Collections]. 

Java Frameworks 

  • Spring Core & Spring Boot (transactions and component creation) 
  • JPA (POJO mapping, Criteria, HQL, Lazy, Eager) 
  • Junit, Test containers, Mockito 
  • gRPC & protobuf 
  • Maven 


  • SQL DML and DDL 
  • NoSQL Database like mongodb 
  • SQL Databae like PostgreSQL or Oracle 
  • Flyway or Liquidbase (database versioning) 

Brokers (Messages & Events) 

  • Knowledge in one of the following messaging engines 
  • Kafka 
  • RabitMQ
  • Knowledge in topics and queue

You're aligned with our value by:  

  • Your willingness to do the right thing even when facing adversity 
  • You care about the well-being of others and the world at large 
  • You strive to approach things in a optimistic way 
  • You nail the fundamentals, sweat the details 
  • You understand the whole is more than the sum of its parts and actively work towards continuous improvement of the group 

What We Offer  

  • Stimulating working environments  
  • Unique career path  
  • International mobility   
  • Internal R&D projects  
  • Knowledge sharing 
  • Personalized training 
  • Entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship  

Discover more about us 

- With our PALOCast with direct testimonies from our Palowans!   
- More on our team culture and benefits in our careers page 

PALO IT is an equal opportunity employer that values merit, qualifications, and abilities. We prioritize privacy and data security. For more information on our privacy practices, please refer to our  Privacy Policy. 


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