Position overview


Paidy senior product managers are passionate about building new products/ business and maximizing value. (Not just launching product). Paidy senior product manager should doubt company perspective might not be same customers are actually trying to get. Senior product manager should have a strategic level longer view but at the same time should be sticky with detail especially consumer experience perspective.

Senior product manager will assume hypothesis of consumer and will validate hypothesis with quantitative / qualitative research. Senior product manager will be responsible for building business plan which contains analysis for competitor, our positioning, KPIs, financial model. Also senior product manager will build Go To Market Plan collaborating with Marketing members. Senior product manager also makes pulse and influence for entire team including engineers, sales, risk, legal, and customer support with passion and clear message.

Senior product manager will be responsible for E to E project, from high level business planning (Paidy call this phase as “Conceive”) till launch, also senior product manager will be responsible for maximizing product growth with tracking KPIs and data with strong ownership for the product.

Paidy as organization also has “Product Owner”, who is responsible for executing integration with our engineers closely with building/managing/prioritizing backlog, sprint planning with our delivery manager (scrum master).

Senior PM will mentor and coach other product manager to support their outcome.

You will play a major role in shaping the future of Paidy’s products that will reach tens of millions of consumers.


Duties & Responsibilities

• Defining consumer pain point and what value Paidy can provide with making hypothesis and validating with some research.
• Analysis of market and segment consumer
• Making financial model (cost / revenue), business forecast, KPIs
• Planning “Go to Market”
• Manage product road map along with company level strategy and make agreement with all stake holders
• Translating product plan into detailed requirements and prototypes
• Track KPIs and find to how to fill the gap

Qualifications, Required Experiences and Skills

• Excellent communication skills in English and Japanese with teams who have different goals and local customers in Japan.
• More than 7 years of experience working as a product manager in Mega Banks, Credit Card, Retail Online Bank or Online Security/Brokerage in Japan.
• Experience defining consumer pain point with some researches.
• Experience launching new product or new feature and maximize growth.
• Experience setting forecast and KPIs, track KPIs and achieve massive improvement.
• Experience managing product road map and communicate with internal / external stakeholders to make agreement.
• Make momentum inside team with your passion and strong will for better product
• Experience coaching or mentoring Product manager to support to get or validate hypothesis and support defining problem statement, persona, user stories.

Desired Experiences and Skills

  • Experience planning new product from Zero and launch
  • Experience developing tools(dash board) to track KPIs
  • Ability to understand and discuss technical concepts, manage tradeoffs, and evaluate new ideas



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