Paidy Inc/株式会社Paidy

Paidy offers instant, monthly-consolidated credit to consumers throughout Japan. In October2014, Paidy started Japan’s first Buy Now Pay Later service for e-commerce consumers.

With the mission of removing hassles and embracing simplicity, Paidy uses proprietary models and machine learning to underwrite transactions in seconds and guarantee payments tomerchants. Paidy increases revenue for merchants by reducing the number of incomplete-transactions, increasing conversion rates, boosting average order values, and facilitating repeat-purchases from consumers. Paidy continues to innovate to make shopping easier and more fun both online and offline. 





Current Job Openings

Corporate Division

HR Department

C&B Manager
Tokyo, Japan

Legal / Compliance & GA Department

Data & Risk Division

Senior Data Analyst
Tokyo, Japan

Engineering / IT Division

Data Engineer
Tokyo, Japan

Buy Now Pay Later Department

Front-end & Mobile Engineering Department

Marketing & Experience Division

Experience Department

Operations Division

Customer Success Department

Customer Counsel
Tokyo, Japan

PMO Department

Project Manager
Tokyo, Japan

Sales Division

Large Merchant Sales Department

Relationship Management Department