OxfordVR is on a mission to revolutionize mental health for millions globally through cutting-edge digital therapies, including a unique and clinically validated immersive virtual reality that gets results.

Across 2021 we’re launching a human centered, care forward and technology leveraged virtual clinic for mental health and wellness. Our focus is on infusing virtual mental healthcare with automated technologies like virtual reality, incorporating evidence-based psychological treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), delivered via immersive environments.

OxfordVR was spun out from Oxford University in 2017 and seed funded by Optum Ventures, Oxford Science & Innovation and Luminous Ventures. We’re currently involved in a number of clinical trials and deployments across the world, including GameChange - the world’s largest multi-site clinical trial for virtual reality in mental health across the NHS in the United Kingdom.

We are looking for a talented performance marketing manager with a passion for marketing, analytics, and AB testing. You will execute our digital marketing strategy through conducting media-buy on various channels, optimizing campaigns, and constantly refining strategy through a test-and-learn approach. This role will report to the Growth Lead and collaborate with cross-functional teams to grow a new product.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: 

  • Execute and optimize campaigns across social channels and affiliate networks based on data-driven metrics
  • Monitor, measure, and report on campaign performance, and conduct analysis to refine strategies
  • Leverage constant test-and-learn approach to gain channel and ad level learnings to improve ad-buying efficiency
  • Seek, test, and evaluate new advertising channels/partners based on competitive and market intelligence
  • Collaborate with the design team to brainstorm creative ideas and improve creative performance

Key Skills: 

  • Proficiency in using self-serve media-buying platforms
  • Comfortable with dashboarding and using data analytics tools
  • Experience with using ad platforms for AB testing

An ideal candidate will have 2+ years in media-buying (not through agencies). They may have experience working in gaming, e-commerce, or for performance marketing agencies and are data-driven. They also have a track record of optimizing digital marketing channels that leads to improved efficiency and lower Customer Acquisition Cost.


  • Competitive salary
  • Insurance benefits including medical, vision, dental, life, long term disability
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Flexible working hours
  • Fully remote position

We’d like to know what you think qualifies you for this role. We don’t necessarily need a piece of paper – what we really value is common sense – and so far, we haven’t seen a course for that!

Of course, if you have accolades you want to share then we’d love to hear all about them.

In the US, our team is fully remote, which means we're looking for the best people we can find, regardless of location.

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