Overjet is on a mission to improve oral healthcare for everyone. Today, We have two product lines that use our advanced dental AI. The Claim Intelligence Platform helps insurance companies process claims efficiently and accurately. The Clinical Intelligence Platform helps dental practices deliver the best patient care. Both of our product lines are delivering outcomes that our customers are excited about. All of this is made possible by the industry leading AI technology built by our Machine Learning (ML) team. We’re looking for the first Product Manager to lead our ML platform.

The Team

Our product development team comprises engineers, data scientists, technical project managers, clinicians, and product managers. We exhibit a bias for swift action and learning. We practice radical candor and support each other’s learning. We’re nice to everyone with whom we interact.

The Role

As a Product Manager for ML, you will increase the impact of our ML by identifying the top user problems to solve and the best ways to solve them. You focus on outcome over output and orient product development accordingly. You relish the opportunity to spend your day listening to customer feedback, working side-by-side with a cross functional team to define how the best ideas from your team or elsewhere come to life.


  • Inspire and support your product team to build ML products that delight users and produce tangible business value
  • Develop product vision and strategy based on analysis of market segments, product traction, complex customer needs and competitive products and secure buy in from your team and leadership
  • Understand user pain points and describe the problems to solve to your engineering and ML team, in the context of your product strategy
  • Maintain an outcome oriented roadmap that is updated at a regular cadence so we know what bets we’re making now-next-later
  • Communicate the impact of your product to clients and prospects

Required Qualifications

  • 5+ year record of successfully delivering results as a ML product manager
  • Strong ML technical and engineering understanding
  • Proven track record of bringing clarity to product vision, strategy, roadmap, prioritization
  • Ability to communicate to technical and non-technical audiences, with engineers and C-level execs with ease
  • Ability to do light weight data analysis with SQL / Python
  • Enjoy working in a small, fast paced startup
  • Bias to lead with user empathy

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Computer vision and NLP based products
  • Strong understanding of ML metrics, explainability and sources of bias

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