We take building our team and culture seriously, and how you do your work will be critical to the company we end up building. It’s important that we combine scientific ingenuity, engineering brilliance, and practical business judgement into the products that we bring to market.   
We are looking for an individual with a winning mix of creative energy, scientific innovation, and a practical mindset that is focused on building technology that is valuable to Overjet customers.  
You are joining Overjet at an interesting time as it is in the beginning stages of delivering revenue generating products to large sophisticated customers, while still being a small (sub 50 person) team where your contributions to the business will be outsized relative to larger more mature business. To be successful and happy at Overjet you will need to flourish in a fast-paced startup environment.


You will

    • Develop algorithms and methods for disease detection, classification, and characterization from x-rays 
    • Rapidly build proof-of concept prototypes and show what is possible with our products 
    • Focus on scalability and productionalization of the models 
    • Provide input and set boundary constraints for the machine learning infrastructure needed to scale our products 
    • Listen to the go-to-market team and ensure we are building product that fits demonstrated market needs


You are

    • Results oriented - you want to see your work impact the customer  
    • Ingenuous  - you can cleverly set up MVPs that work on the critical KPIs 
    • Endlessly curious  - in an earlier life you annoyed your family with one word: “Why” 
    • An experimentalist who learns by doing - You don’t abstractly wonder what is possible; rather, you rapidly test ideas and learn and iterate from feedback mechanisms


You have experience in

    • Prototyping computer vision models (CNNs in particular) - you have built both low and high fidelity concepts
    • Productionalizing CNNs - You don’t stop at the prototype.  You find it equally stimulating to mature the prototype at scale 
    • PhD or MS in Computer Vision, Machine Learning or related technical fields 
    • Knowledge of applied mathematics and numerical optimization

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