We are a new insurance tech startup that takes a consumer-centric approach to group/employer supplemental benefits (e.g., life insurance, long-term and short-term disability and other policies). We curate and bundle innovative insurance products for employees, employers, insurance carriers and benefit brokers. We reward employees for life milestones and wellness, and we offer a unique set of employee engagement tools.  

Overalls is a first-of-its-kind concierge benefit to handle time-draining to-do's and overcome life's hassles. Life’s hassles and unplanned distractions eat away at productivity and undermine a great team culture. Planning a move, dealing with home repairs, managing benefits and protection plans – even planning for a baby, all eat up people’s time and energy. That's where Overalls comes in! 

As a revolutionary productivity solution with an amazing ROI and a straightforward value proposition, employees can reclaim the time, money and stress they lose to life’s hassles, while boosting productivity, retention and morale. 

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