Outset Medical

Outset is a medical technology company pioneering a first-of-its-kind technology to reduce the cost and complexity of dialysis. The Tablo Hemodialysis System, FDA cleared for use from the hospital to the home, represents a significant technological advancement that transforms the dialysis experience for patients and  operationally simplifies it for providers. Tablo serves as a single enterprise solution that can be utilized across the continuum of care, allowing dialysis to be delivered anytime, anywhere and by anyone.  The integration of water purification and on-demand dialysate production enables Tablo to serve as a dialysis clinic on wheels, with 2-way wireless data transmission and  a proprietary data analytics platform powering a new holistic approach to dialysis care.  


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Current Job Openings

Clinical Affairs (310)

Distribution & Logistics Admin (470)

Finance & Accounting (501)

Innovation and Research (202)

Senior Chemistry Consultant
San Jose, CA (Hybrid)

IT (701)

Marketing - Commercial (445)

Marketing - Product (441)

Medical Education (410)

People & Organization Strategy (505)

Quality Engineering (305)

Research & Development (201)

Sales (401)

Software Analytics & Mobile (205)

Technical Service (480)

Training (450)