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At Ouster, we're developing advanced sensor hardware and vision algorithms for autonomous cars and drones. We're looking for software and hardware engineers interested in working on the systems that underpin modern robotics: high performance sensors, localization, mapping, object detection, tracking and classification. Our team is composed of engineers that wear many hats and enjoy building robots that cope with the messiness of the real world. All of us push code, some of us build hardware, and none of us wants to wait another decade for cars and drones to be driving themselves.


Expert in real-time robot perception using a combination of cameras and other sensors. The candidate will have worked with RGB, RGBD or depth only point cloud segmentation and object detection and tracking. Must have a strong theoretical background including fluency with linear algebra and bayesian statistics. Ideally, the candidate would have been a part of an autonomous vehicle team with experience in real time perception and has made novel contributions in the fields of segmentation and detection.


  • Strong C++ skills
  • Strong theoretical background in linear algebra and statistics
  • Experience working on real time robot perception including segmentation, detection and tracking
  • BONUS: Basic understanding of firmware
  • BONUS: Knowledge of GPU processing (CUDA)
  • BONUS: Experience with modern ML techniques

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