About Ought

Ought is a product-driven machine learning lab building Elicit, an AI research assistant. Elicit uses language models to automate and support research processes like literature and evidence review. Elicit applies frontier technology to serious use cases, enabling our research team to understand in great detail where language models fail and how to mitigate such failures.

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About our roles

If you're interested in working at Ought but don't see an immediate fit with one of our roles, submit a general interest application below. Some projects we're working on soon:

About you

People who thrive at Ought often demonstrate or resonate with the following: 

  • A yes-and approach to brainstorming. Our best ideas have a little piece of everyone in them.   
  • A streamlined funnel from ideas into tests, prototypes, paper sketches. We try to show more than tell.  
  • Organizing and communicating thoughts in writing.  
  • A startup mindset. We expect to measure our impact in part by the people whose lives we improve through better reasoning and models of the future. 
  • Thinking about thinking. 

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