About Ought

Ought is a research lab building tools to delegate cognitive work to advanced machine learning (ML) systems.Some of the most powerful technologies of our time - machine learning and AI - will not help us answer these questions by default.

We’re building tools that forecast world events by integrating human judgment with machine learning. We’re tackling questions like: 

About the role 

As Ought's first product designer, you will design Elicit, a tool that helps forecasters specify beliefs and reason about future events. You will be responsible for: 

  • Carefully designing user journeys. You’ll organize complex action sequences and states. You’ll plan out all the edge cases so that no one has an experience on Elicit that you didn’t craft. 
  • Converting ambitious plans or underdeveloped values into clear product hypotheses and MVPs
  • Designing wireframes and mockups
  • Representing the voice of the user, advocating for excellent aesthetics and user experience
  • Setting up Ought’s design values, processes, and systems
  • Presenting and explaining your design choices to the broader team
  • Coordinating user research, interviews, analysis, and synthesis

About you

Elicit is an incredibly difficult product for many reasons:

  • Thinking about probabilities and statistics is hard and counterintuitive for a lot of people.  
  • Elicit is a thinking tool. Users have particular and varied preferences for how they want to interface with thinking tools. 
  • Elicit is an early stage product. Its direction is constantly evolving. 
  • Elicit’s success depends on product and UX execution. That makes this role terrifying and an incredible product design challenge. 

You’re most likely to love and succeed in this role if you:

  • Want to show, not tell, us about your work
  • Think about design logically as much as you think about it aesthetically 
  • Like to organize your thoughts in clear, structured writing 
  • Think carefully about every single pixel and find joy when someone notices the extent to which you crafted each subtle detail 
  • Think about thinking
  • Are passionate about making technical concepts or processes more accessible
  • Can weigh tradeoffs and make informed design decisions in the face of ambiguity
  • Want to build an intuitive and fun product that belies the technical complexity powering it 
  • Like to translate between design and engineering, design and business

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