Are you passionate about software quality? Are you collaborative, self-reflective and ready to learn new technologies like Serverless? We're looking for people-oriented programmers to help us accelerate health research and empower patients around the world.

£60,000 - £80,000 


Our organisation aims to help billions of people

Osler Diagnostics purpose is simple: to enable and empower all human beings to live healthier, happier and longer lives. This is the single unshakeable reason we exist.

Spun out from a decade of research at Oxford University, we are working to put diagnostic devices into the hands of medical researchers, healthcare professionals and citizens, enabling fast, accurate, and affordable access to critical health information.

Having recently secured a significant level of Series-A funding, we are now scaling up to pursue our long term goals.


Build software that accelerates research and empowers patients

Our team develops a web application for Osler's scientists to capture experiment data, automate analysis and derive real-time results. As a critical part of their day-to-day work, we continue to evolve it as their research activities scale and change.

Looking to the future, we will also build a public-facing Cloud and IoT platform to collect health data from Osler’s devices, in order to identify trends and alert users to action.


We build it, we run it

As a cross-functional product team, we take responsibility for every aspect of our software's delivery and operations: everything from designing systems architecture and coding application features to gathering analytics and feeding insights back into development.

Working closely with our users, we follow an iterative, feedback-driven approach to software development. Guided by our high-level product and technical vision, we do just enough up-front planning to start delivering value.

We embrace continuous delivery: working on the master branch, committing multiple times a day, and automating our tests and deployments wherever possible. We also embrace continuous improvement: using team retrospectives and Lean/Agile principles to regularly reflect on how we can do better.


Technically speaking, we want excellent developers

We’re looking for technologists who can deliver reliable working software in a sustainable manner. We expect proficiency in XP practices such as TDD, pair programming, refactoring and continuous integration and a familiarity with design concepts like SOLID, cohesion & coupling, Domain Driven Design and Hexagonal Architecture.

All our software is web-based so you’ll need a working knowledge of the HTTP protocol and at least 5 years experience with client and server-side web technologies. We make heavy use of AWS so experience deploying virtualized infrastructure is also highly relevant.

In addition to technical skills, we look for a focus on delivery and the ability to mentor others in good development practices.


What about the tech stack?

Currently, we use Python 3 and Javascript ES6 but we're not wedded to specific languages.

Our frontend is built with React, Redux & Apollo and tested with Jest & Enzyme. Our 100% Serverless backend is a collection of AWS Lambda functions integrated with API Gateway, AppSync, DynamoDB, S3, Cognito, IoT Core and Step Functions. Key technical themes include Serverless Architecture, GraphQL, REST, NoSQL and Infrastructure as Code. Additionally, we use AWS CloudFormation, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CloudWatch and X-Ray for our continuous delivery and monitoring concerns.


We focus on people, learning and fun

At Osler, we see our people and their growth as key. We think deeply about what they need for success and seek to support them on their professional journey.

As a company founded on innovation, we’re willing to experiment - to try, fail, learn and improve. We synthesise approaches from a diverse range of views, encourage dissent and regularly touch base with each other to share knowledge and build empathy.

With a friendly and relaxed environment, and regular social activities, we make sure there are plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and celebrate our achievements.


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