About Originate

Originate was founded in 2007. Headquartered in San Francisco, we have over 100 employees across our offices in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Las Vegas, and Newport Beach. We are the on-demand accelerator for companies across the world. Regardless of industry or location, companies looking to explore new ideas and new opportunities turn to Originate as their trusted and capable innovation partner.

Who Are We?

Originate is a concept-to-launch software company. We partner with enterprises and mature startups to accelerate their time from ideation to market. Our goal is to help our people and our partners to realize their potential faster in an evolving, uncertain world. Whether it's enabling a business to lead in an existing market or to enter into a brand new one, we have the experience and we want to help.

At the heart of Originate is a deep appreciation for ideation and innovation. We are continuously curious and thrive on making impossibilities possible. Our practice consists of technology-agnostic experts specializing in rapid prototyping,  agile methodology, and large scale application design. We love bringing products to the end user and using their feedback to iterate on features.

Who Works at Originate?

Originators are talented, creative, humble, and motivated self-learners. New and emerging technologies inspire us to create not only new products but new kinds of products. We thrive on collaboration and have teamed up with countless partners to resolve complex technology and business challenges across a diverse set of fields. Individually we are unique, collectively we are inventive, and in partnership we are unmatched.

Our Tech Environment

New products are built primarily using Node.js/TypeScript, Go, or Scala and any number of front-end technologies (React, GraphQL, Webpack, Redux, etc.). Mobile development is both iOS and Android.

Software is packaged with Docker and deployed with CircleCI on top of various cloud platforms including AWS and Google Cloud. Infrastructure is managed using Ansible and Terraform and monitored using a variety of DevOps tools like Datadog.

Our specific tech choices depend on the needs of every project and each partner, so being able to move between stacks and pick up new frameworks is important.

You’ll find individuals hacking with everything else (Haskell, Rust, Elixir, etc.) and we’re always open to trying out new technologies when it makes our lives easier. We work in small, fast-paced, cross-functional agile teams.


As an engineering director, your primary responsibility will be to be a mentor to the engineering team in Los Angeles, by regularly meeting with engineers, working with them to evolve their individual careers at Originate. You will also work with corporate leadership to evolve engineering at Originate and processes such as business development, talent matching, and training.

A portion of your time will be spent in a billable role on projects working together with our teams. In this capacity you might be helping train engineers both in technical aspects (e.g. through pull requests, pairing, process improvement, etc.) and in taking on new roles, such as being a tech lead.

You will work closely with our sales team to evaluate potential projects and provide technical recommendations in terms of feasibility, technical approaches, project setup and team fit.


  • 3 - 5 years of experience in a management position with an emphasis on career mentorship
  • 5 - 7 years of experience leading projects as a tech lead
  • Significant recent production experience in at least one (and ideally several) of our core technologies (TypeScript, Node.js, React, Scala, Terraform, iOS, Android)
  • Strong plus if you have experience with Haskell, OCaml, Clojure, Erlang, Rust; or if you have significant expertise in a domain that would be new for our team
  • Consulting or client-facing software development experience preferred
  • BS in Computer Science, Math, EE, or other applicable degrees
  • References from previous mentees and supervisors


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