Optimism Unlimited

About the Optimism Collective and Optimism Unlimited

The Optimism Collective leads the blockchain protocol landscape, dedicated to fostering a scalable and sustainable ecosystem. Optimism’s ethos, in sync with Ethereum's vision, tackles pivotal coordination challenges of the digital age. Optimism’s goal is to harmonize private incentives with public good, shaping a resilient future for the Internet. Optimism’s scope spans diverse areas like Gaming, DeFi, NFTs, and Enterprise.

Optimism Unlimited is a subsidiary of the Optimism Foundation that focuses on supporting the growth, adoption, and governance of the Optimism Collective.

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Current Job Openings

OP Labs

Engineering, Product, & Security - LABS

Optimism Unlimited

Governance & Community - Unlimited

Voting Power Distribution Lead
Remote (outside of the US)

Growth - Unlimited

Sales Engineer
Remote (Outside of the US)