Who are we?

Everybody and their mother working on blockchains loves the word “decentralization”. On a broad, world-changing scale, we can all agree that it’s important. Yet, when we zoom into the specifics of how to build this decentralized world, we find many diverse approaches. Whether it’s defi, identity, art, healthcare, or anything in between, a single dependency unites each dream for the future: scalability.

We are building the critical infrastructure to address this need. Optimism is an extension to Ethereum that scales both its technology and philosophy. Not only do we enable orders of magnitude more performance, we’re also doubling down on Ethereum’s values as a public good, never to be captured by private commercial interests. Ethereum will enable the greatest change in human coordination since the birth of the internet, and Optimism is here to bring it to the masses.

What are the role responsbilities?

    • Contribute to the core development of the Optimism protocol, with an emphasis on internal tooling and infrastructure
    • Responsible for internal developer productivity
    • Optimize continuous integration build and test times
    • Work with the engineering team and engineering lead to tighten the development feedback loop
    • Ensure our development stack works well for everyone on the team and for external open source contributors
    • Craft an internal development experience that we’ll all fall in love with

What skills do you bring?

    • Experience working with Docker and optimizing Docker builds
    • Experience with Kubernetes
    • Experience working with NodeJS and TypeScript
    • Experience working with Go
    • Experience with publishing, distributing, and maintaining optimized NPM modules
    • Experience making software work on a variety of platforms and operating systems with emphasis on resource usage and monitoring
    • Willingness to learn from and adapt to the needs of your teammates
    • Desire to build a fantastic development experience for internal and external teams relying on our code
    • Familiarity with monorepo based software development

What will you like about us?

  • Providing the product management input to solving groundbreaking problems in computer science
  • Working with a world-class team developing a technically challenging product critical to scaling Ethereum
  • Fully remote, deeply engaged, highly skilled, and yet really FUN team environment
  • Competitive compensation and benefits package

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