Location: At the moment, we are all working remotely. However, our headquarters are in New York, and this position will be based in NYC once we are back to working in-person.

About OpenFin

OpenFin is a fast-growing financial technology company backed by the world’s largest banks and most respected Fintech VCs, including J.P. Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, Wells Fargo, SC Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, DRW, Nyca Partners, and Pivot Investment Partners.  OpenFin modernizes and democratizes app development and distribution in the finance space. We provide a secure OS that brings a fast and intuitive app experience to the financial desktop. Built on Google’s Chromium and GitHub’s Electron open source projects, OpenFin combines native experience, data sharing, lightning-fast distribution, and robust security with an agile web development and deployment model to accelerate digital transformation and innovation. OpenFin is used by thousands of developers to deploy and run more than 1200 apps at more than 1500 financial institutions.

About the Role

We are looking for a frontend engineer to join our Product Engineering team who is excited about learning new languages, frameworks and technologies.


Work covers a range of interests and areas of expertise that can scale to what you would like to learn! The following are three area

  • Contribute to the OpenFin UI Library—architect and build accessible, extensible, and well-tested React components used in several OpenFin products shipping this year.
  • Help shape the OpenFin Developer Experience—build out automation and testing, documentation, prototypes, and give tech talks. Help optimize and build engineering processes and community knowledge product engineering teams working with the UI Library.
  • Contribute to building new features—deliver a best-in-class user experience in OpenFin products.

What We’re Looking For

  • A user-focused, empathetic person who wants to collaborate, write, talk, and dream about code that people will love to use.
  • Comfortable building React components and a passion for making them pixel perfect.
  • Awareness of accessibility best practices, progressive enhancement, the DOM /  Shadow DOM and how React “works” under the hood.
  • Familiarity and an interest in using Typescript, Styled Components, and Framer Motion
  • An interest in learning cross-platform development for Mac and Windows using Electron and modern tools and frameworks like Webpack and NextJS.
  • It would be very cool if you’re opinionated / excited about well-tested frontend code (Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library), automation, or other aspects of frontend ops—the force multipliers that make other engineers love working together.

A few of our Product Engineering values

  • Code with Empathy—write your code thinking about the person who might use it next, that person might be you ;)
  • Don’t follow the GPS into the lake—be intuitive and critical, be human when you work, especially when taking an empirical point of view.
  • Don’t take all of the blame—when software breaks, we’re all on the hook. Another way to say this is there are no gatekeepers. We share knowledge, responsibility, and an excitement for fixing things when they inevitably go sideways.

Life at OpenFin

At OpenFin, our mission is to stay on the cutting edge of web technologies and to enable our customers to do the same. While we are currently remote, we pride ourselves on our friendly, diverse, understanding office culture. Our goal is to create a space where employees can learn and innovate, and overall, have a good time doing it. Our employees have a diverse set of interests and experiences, and we encourage you to explore those interests and share with us! We have regular happy hours and social events. Our office and our employees are conducive to a productive learning experience -- all the while creating innovative and compelling solutions for our clients.

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