OncoveryCare is an early-stage virtual healthcare company committed to fundamentally rethinking and transforming the landscape of physical and mental healthcare for cancer survivors. Our team is composed of cancer survivors, physicians, and experts in cutting-edge healthcare delivery. We believe that care after a cancer diagnosis shouldn’t end when treatment is over, and we provide an innovative, evidence-based approach to deliver patient-centered, whole-person support for survivors throughout the cancer journey.

Our vision is a world where living beyond cancer isn’t just “surviving”—it’s thriving.

A few tidbits about cancer survivorship: 

  • There are over 18 million cancer survivors in the United States today—and that number is expected to grow to 26 million by 2040
  • Cancer survivors experience a range of physical and mental health side effects from treatment 
  • Survivorship starts at the moment of diagnosis and continues post-treatment—we are starting in the “transitions of care” phase post-treatment, when there is often not a specialized team to take over caring for the survivor moving forward

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