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We are strong believers the crypto asset class is here to stay.

Whether as a currency, commodity, security, or utility token, there’s little debate that we’re witnessing the genesis of a diverse and exciting asset class. That diversity has and will continue to enable an expansive range of investment approaches and strategies.

As institutional market participants look to engage in crypto, they will need institutional-grade trading technologies and infrastructure expressly architected for this emerging crypto asset class. We are building a complete, front-to-back office solution to satisfy institutional needs today, and equip them for the unknown challenges of tomorrow.

We are looking for smart, creative and innovative thinkers to help us realize our vision. And just like the emergence of the crypto asset class, Omniex is a cutting edge, high speed startup, flush with excitement and opportunity. Our seasoned team consists of successful technologists and established financial professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our passion and varied experiences make us a strong team. If you have a passion for frontier challenges, and resilience and grit are not just buzzwords in your vocabulary, we'd love to speak with you and learn about how you can help us build a better Omniex.

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