About Omidyar Network:

Omidyar Network is a market-oriented philanthropic investment firm. We support innovative start-ups and partner with organizations around the world in the service of driving individual empowerment.

Established in 2004 by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam, our efforts today focus on a core set of the most pressing and difficult issues that have emerged in society. Our resources and people are dedicated to reimagining capitalism; promoting the beneficial use of technology; building bridges in a pluralistic world; and fostering individual capabilities. To date, Omidyar Network has committed more than $1 billion to for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations whose work is aligned with our mission.


About the Education Team:

Omidyar Network’s Education Initiative is dedicated to unlocking human potential through learning by catalyzing people, ideas and systems – so every individual can thrive and contribute in a changing and interdependent world. We believe public, private and social sectors all play critical roles in shifting education outcomes and invest in innovative solutions that act as demonstration cases to influence funders, empower entrepreneurs, build coalitions and movements, identify best practices, encourage policy reform and collectively build more efficacious and equitable education. Since 2009, Omidyar Network has invested in more than 70 education partners across Africa, India, Latin America, and the United States who have reached an estimated 400 million people. Learn more at www.omidyar.com/education.

In Latin America, ON Education’s investment portfolio includes Geekie (Brazil), eduK (Brazil), Ensina Brasil, FINAE (Mexico) and Platzi (pan-LatAm), among others.


Here's more about what you'll do:

Omidyar Network’s Education team is seeking a professional to join the Latin America team, primarily focused on Education investments, advocacy and strategic communications in the region, and particularly in Brazil. The candidate will be based in Sao Paulo, Brazil along with the Education Director.

This professional will join a global team, working across emerging markets and in the U.S., leading investments, research, and advocacy efforts aligned with the mission described above.



Primary responsibilities include: 1) developing and evaluating a healthy pipeline and portfolio of investments in education and innovation in learning (for-profit and non-profit); 2) making investments and grants, and supporting portfolio organizations to grow and help them have impact; 3) partnering and leading on research, advocacy, policy engagements, thought leadership, and other influence opportunities to support education systems reform efforts aligned with ON’s strategy in Brazil.

The individual’s primary responsibilities involve collaborating closely with the Education Director in Brazil, the Education Partner for Latin America, and other team members, on the following:

  • Building a portfolio of investments (for-profit and non-profit)
    • Scoping out high impact Education opportunities aligned with the investment strategy, which currently prioritizes education technology for better learning outcomes for low to moderate income students in the K-12 education system but may expand to other investment thesis in the next 12-24 months
    • Reviewing and analyzing business plans, investment proposals, and organization budgets; prioritizing opportunities, conducting necessary diligence on prospects, including market and competitive analysis, entrepreneur appraisal, unit economics and financial modeling, and impact thesis development
    • Supporting deal execution by taking shortlisted opportunities through a well-defined investment decision and closing process, including drafting of investment memos with organizational and financial analysis and presentation to ON’s investment committee of senior partners
  • Supporting portfolio organizations
    • Working closely with ON’s investees (for-profit and non-profit) on strategic aspects to help them scale successfully, achieve their financial targets and impact potential, including by engaging with the Board, co-investors, management, etc.
    • Monitoring the performance and impact evaluation of the investees (for-profit and non-profit) periodically
  • Providing input on refining or re-focusing ON’s investment strategy in Brazil based on a robust, collaborative systems mapping initiative with systems stakeholders and ON team members, facilitated by Omidyar Group consultants.
    • Make ongoing recommendations regarding strategy refinement based on robust observations of local trends and engagement with investees and leaders in the education ecosystem
    • Themes to be explored may include the relationship between education and equity, education and inclusive economic growth, alternatives to higher education, skilling of labor given the future of work, and early childhood education
  • Engaging with a broader external audience and developing influential thought leadership, policy influence, and multi-sector partnerships
    • Identifying key trends and interventions in the public sector that could help advance the quality of education in Brazil and LatAm
    • Authoring thought leadership pieces to increase ON’s visibility and influence on key stakeholders and audiences in Brazil and LatAm
    • Building relationships with other investors, foundations so as to identify potential areas of collaboration and co-investment/grant co-funding
    • Collaborating closely with leaders of the federal, state, and local public education system on policy research and development aligned with ON’s strategy in Brazil
  • Working with the global Education team
    • Contributing to the efforts of the global Education team, including knowledge management by sharing key learnings and providing feedback on similar themes/ opportunities across ON’s target countries/ regions

Success in this role requires leadership experience, analytical ability, creativity, relationship building, strategic insights, strong senior, multi-sector networks, comfort with public policy engagement and business acumen


Here's what you'll bring to the team:

The ideal candidate has the following qualifications:

  • Preferably between 3-7 years of work experience;
  • Someone who is entrepreneurial, passionate to make a difference in the education sector and has a great sense of humor;
  • Deep strategic and analytical skills – ability to evaluate proposed opportunities from multiple perspectives (strategic fit, expected impact, market opportunity, operational capability, business model, financial performance, valuation, etc.); appreciation of analytical rigor and clarity;
  • Good communication skills – excellent writing and presentation skills; ability to communicate succinctly and clearly;
  • Good interpersonal skills – ability to work collaboratively with colleagues around the world;

The following qualifications are a plus:

  • Experience in strategy consulting, public policy, philanthropy or innovation in education, either through the public or private sectors;
  • Good understanding of and/or experience with public governance challenges;
  • Familiarity with key technology-led interventions that are making a positive impact;
  • Strong, senior-level networks in the private, public, and third (non-profit, philanthropic) sectors related to education and an ability to access and influence those networks

Other requirements:

  • Flexibility to travel, including internationally (estimated 30 percent);
  • Full spoken and written fluency Portuguese is required. Strong spoken and written proficiency in English is also required. Strong proficiency in Spanish preferred;
  • MBA or equivalent Masters Degree preferred


Commitment to Shared Values:

We approach our work with great appreciation and recognition of the gift and responsibility with which we have been entrusted - to make meaningful impact in catalyzing human potential around the globe. As such, our values are integral to our culture, and include: purpose & equity; integrity & compassion; bold & learning; collaborative & diverse; joy & appreciation.




At Omidyar Network, diversity, equity, and inclusion are directly aligned with our fundamental belief that people are inherently capable, but they often lack opportunity. We know that a diverse workforce allows us to see problems in more nuanced ways, creating the thought leadership needed to have outsized positive returns on the world. We actively recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool. Omidyar Network is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people from all experiences, abilities, and perspectives to apply.


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