Our teams are working to improve a wide range of city services, including researching and redesigning our permitting processes, prototyping ways to change behaviors around recycling and composting, designing the future of austin.gov, and creating city-wide standards for service design, web development, and user research.

As a member of our Office of Design & Delivery, you’ll also serve as an expert and educator in your discipline, establishing new practices that can work across departments and providing guidance and training for your team members and all city staff.


What you'll do

  • Lead service design methods on multidisciplinary teams to reimagine how the City of Austin provides services for residents
  • Produce service design artifacts including service blueprints, journey maps, and digital and environmental prototypes
  • Creatively prototype services and solutions in a changing and unpredictable environment, pivoting and adjusting as needed
  • Create metrics and methods for measuring progress and success, during and after engagements with departments
  • Continuously document processes, key decision points, and progress
  • Work alongside front-line staff in the co-design and co-delivery of new processes, establishing shared ownership
  • Participate in establishing standards for services across the city to improve usability, accessibility, and efficiency
  • Work with stakeholders to assess legacy systems and identify opportunities for improved user experience and the sustainability of future systems
  • Share what we make and how we make it through meetups, blog posts, and other functions
  • Serve as a subject matter expert in the hiring process for additional design and technology specialists

What we're looking for

  • 3+ years of professional experience designing large-scale services using service design methods
  • Experience collaborating on multidisciplinary teams; flexibility and openness to adapting service design methods to fit the needs of a multidisciplinary team
  • Ability to prototype in different media across digital and physical channels
  • Ability to zoom in and out on a project; ability to shift from focusing on small details to understanding large system relations and understanding the relationships between
  • Ability to communicate and teach the value of service design to other team members and stakeholders
  • A bias towards action and making things real
  • Willingness to pitch in and do what needs to get done, even if it is not part of the job description
  • Comfort with ambiguity and ability to provide leadership on projects that might not have a predefined solution and/or scope * Knowledge of user-centered design and agile design methodologies, including expertise in determining when and how to use specific approaches, deliverables, and facilitation methods
  • Experience facilitating workshops and other meetings across the stakeholder spectrum, from senior-level stakeholders to everyday users
  • A passion for public service and a commitment to doing the hard work that’s necessary to improve our city services, especially the willingness to work on emotionally demanding topics.

What your interview experience will look like

  1. Initial Application & Minimum Qualification Check
  2. Informal phone call or Google Hangout
  3. Onsite Interview and Exercise, meet the team

More Information On Our Work

Office of Design & Delivery Values

  • Open by default. Hard problems are solved through collaboration and diverse community. We use and build open source code by default, and actively share our learnings and methods through lunch-and-learns, meetups, and Medium.

  • Frame the problem first. The core problems in an issue area are often unclear, especially early on in a project. We take time to understand what needs to be solved before coming up with solutions.

  • Everyone has positive intent. Communication is hard. By assuming our peers want what is best, we believe we can find the best in them.

  • Strong opinions, loosely held. It’s important to have confidence and passion in our arguments. It’s also important to consider that you might be wrong, and to be honest and respectful in all disagreements. We work from an understanding that everyone has different, though complementary, problem solving styles.

  • Balance short-term wins and long-term outcomes. We believe that every technical decision has alternative solutions and we must balance between shipping quickly and shipping cautiously. We think through long-term possibilities, opportunities, and consequences for our short-term goals.

  • Default to action. We believe in the cycle of Learning and Doing to move projects and ideas forward. Sometimes the best way to learn about a problem is to test out possible solutions.

  • Ask for help. We’re funded by taxpayers, so it’s not ok to "fake it till you make it." If you don’t understand a process, method, or idea, ask for help. Everyone has their own talents, skills, and knowledge, and no one benefits if we don’t allow ourselves to share them.

  • Everyone has something to teach. We believe that teaching compassionately helps us learn. We all have room to grow across many types of skills. We believe our team members aren’t expected to know everything, and we support them when they are stuck.

  • Learning is ongoing. We believe that passionate curiosity drives exceptional work. There are no such thing as experts, only fast learners.

  • Work should be fun. The best work comes from a place of curiosity, passion, and joy. We take time support each other in doing great work for residents and being our fullest possible selves inside and outside of the office.

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