OCUS produces high-quality, custom visual content at scale for international brands by relying on a global community of over 20,000 photographers. Product-driven, we use state of the art tech to make the whole process seamless both for brands and image creators. OCUS is at the growth stage and is looking for a Data Analyst to boost our data-informed approach.

We produce millions of images through our API, which needs to be supported by a strong data science infrastructure and workflow

Descriptif de l'offre

what need to be done : Implement a robust environment for machine learning work at scale both for R&D and production

* Choose and set up the best tools for the infrastructure & orchestration
* Interact with tech, devops and data science team to design and build the operational tooling
* Create the R&D and production infrastructure
* Deliver quality, performance and maintainability
* Create the ML infrastructure
* Connect the data science initiatives to the production environment

Profil recherché: 

* Experience in maintaining an infrastructure for data science at scale
* Experience with ML orchestration (Airflow, Prefect, Tecton, Pachyderm, Kubeflow…)
* Experience with core AWS web-enabling technologies
* Find new solutions and out-of-the-box ideas
* Team player: able to communicate and collaborate with data scientists, tech, and product teams
* Terraform

Process de recrutement

- 1 Talent Manager interview
- 2 interviews (45 min each) with Data manager (autres métier) then CTO
- 1 interview with OCUS CEO

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