Establish Product as an integral part of OCUS, by setting the product vision, defining the product roadmap and building a best-in-class team, to ensure OCUS remains as a leader in content operations and uses technology to further evolve the industry.


  • Product vision
    • Define and communicate a long term vision for OCUS’s product. Champion that vision throughout the company.
    • Develop a product strategy to support multiple media types, multiple sectors, multiple users (clients, creative community, internal teams), multiple regions. 
  • Product roadmap
    • Move quickly to scale OCUS by defining and publishing the product roadmap. Define the product vision through clear product requirements and user stories.
    • Prioritize features that are user focused and drive commercial KPIs. 
    • Balance the technical and strategic components of the product roadmap
  • Hiring
    • Hire, develop, and lead product, analytics, and UX teams to deliver products that drive OCUS and our partners’ success
    • Manage data & insights to test, learn, and optimize OCUS’s product
  • Execution
    • Execute consistently, rapidly, and effectively through product planning, customer discovery. 
    • Work collaboratively with engineering to ship products that drive seamless operations, scalability, retention and revenue generation.
    • Formulate practical and elegant solutions to the problems and opportunities that have been identified. 
    • Explore initial concepts via wireframing, rapid prototyping, and similar techniques.
    • Work iteratively with design and engineering to refine solutions, using rapid user testing and feedback cycles


  • 10+ years experience in product management with a focus on SaaS
  • 5+ years experience managing product managers and UX
  • Experience shipping multiple large-scale commercial software products from concept to release
  • Experience in international business environments
  • Experience working in a collaborative, fast-paced, iterative environment - agile product development process
  • Ability to understand web development technologies and frameworks; provide technical support as needed.
  • Proficiency with design and prototyping tools like Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

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