Octane AI is an all-remote and venture-backed startup seeking a Technical Lead interested in developing the future of ecommerce.

You will have a major influence on the culture of a rapidly growing team, working for a company that is an employee-certified Great Place to Work. What you do here will really, really matter…...seriously. You will work with your teammates to nail down and evolve the Octane AI Engineering Team's execution approach. We aren't there yet, so you need to be ready to roll up your sleeves and contribute to setting the right processes with the team the day you start.

As part of this team, you will have the opportunity to help grow your skills and the team’s expertise and lead the charge in the application of Machine Learning in some of our ecommerce tools….How cool is that?

You will exhibit your exemplary leadership skills on a team of 6-8, including other engineers, a product manager, quality assurance teammate and resident UI/UX expert. You will be an effective player/coach - writing code and guiding others as necessary to enhance and support one or more of our amazing ecommerce personalization tools.

If you are still reading this, and see yourself as humble, data-driven, collaborative, curious and are OK with working in a startup environment - you might want to read further.

About us 

Octane AI is developing conversational technologies that reimagine online commerce. Octane AI is the leading all-in-one platform for engaging quizzes, data collection, and personalized Facebook Messenger and SMS automation for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands. We provide a unified platform for connecting, converting, and retaining customers. Our current and upcoming products democratize personalization and automation technologies previously only available to multi-billion dollar corporations. Our investors include General Catalyst, Bullpen Capital, Boost VC, and M Ventures.

How you will contribute:

  • Facilitate improvements in the engagement level of your technical teammates.
  • Promote a collaborative, learning-focused environment.
  • Continually foster improvements in the team’s execution efficiency.
  • Initiate, define, advocate, and implement best practices and coding standards of the team.
  • Design and write (you are also a high level senior developer) components and applications according to acceptance criteria. 
  • Promote sound technical design within the team. Contribute to and aid in facilitating adherence to our technical roadmap.
  • Assist your teammates with coordination of work assignments.
  • Assist your team in breaking down work into manageable, value-added chunks.
  • Enable teams to perform appropriate testing in a reliable, secure, and productive way.
  • Review the team's pull requests.
  • Identify and mitigate risks.
  • Provide input into personal development plans.
  • Generate detailed delivery reports with accomplished, planned, and blocked tasks.
  • Facilitate production of incident debriefings for critical bugs and/or outage episodes.

About you

  • You are comfortable with working hours during GMT -5 to GMT +2 time zones. 
  • 5+ years writing scalable, reliable, performant and overall high quality components and applications in a SaaS-based, SOA context.
  • 1+ years of experience in a technical leadership role undertaking responsibilities indicated in “How you will contribute” above.
  • You have applied Machine Learning in a project(s) -- or you otherwise can demonstrate a grasp of the basics.
  • You know how to apply Service Oriented Architecture concepts and have heavy experience in writing microservices.
  • Heavy experience in Python, Javascript (React.js), and AWS infrastructure.
  • Integrations experience: Ideally you have worked with the Facebook API, Redis, AWS DDB. 
  • Please provide code samples or links to repositories with your code, along with an explanation of your programming philosophy. The more we can understand the way you think about code, the better. It's not an issue if you can't share a piece of code because of an NDA or something else.


  • The ability to work from anywhere in the world. Our team works from New York, Portland, Barcelona, Austin, Nashville, Canada, and more. Currently we have team members in 13 different countries. As long as you can get the work done, we don't care where you are!
  • Excellent health benefits: health, dental and vision insurance for US employees and health benefits for select countries.
  • 401(k) for US employees.
  • Flexible vacation policy, paid holidays, parental leave, and sick leave.
  • Paid-Paid Vacation - we pay YOU to take a vacation!
  • Professional Development allowance.
  • Fitness and home office credits. We want your workspace to be your happy place.
  • Generous stock options.
  • Growth and leadership opportunities.  We invest in the tools and training that will help your long-term career.
  • An amazing team of wonderfully driven and talented people.

Working at Octane AI

  • The happier we are, the stronger our team is. Being a remote company allows us to work with flexibility. Need to pick up a sick child from school, make that 4pm workout class or run a last-minute errand? Don’t worry, life happens, and we support you.
  • Your ideas are welcome. We empower everyone to share their ideas because the best ideas come from everywhere. From our new employees to co-founders, everyone has valuable experiences that help influence our product and team.
  • Asking questions is a sign of strength. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you feel stuck on a task or problem. Everyone needs a helping hand or fresh inspiration sometimes, and you’ll find that each one of your teammates is at your service.
  • Bureaucracy doesn’t bog us down. We want you to feel empowered to talk to anyone on the team--anytime. We are all equally special and important people with tons to contribute, and living this is what gives us a competitive edge.
  • We iterate quickly. Projects generally take days or weeks, not months. We have a collaborative environment where you can share a work-in-progress and get feedback quickly. We like to get our work into the hands of our customers and community as quickly as possible.
  • Non-work banter makes our work better. We genuinely like each other, largely because we really get to know each other. Real connections breed deeper trust and support. So go ahead, share about your weekend, spark that impromptu trivia game, and go wild trying a fast parrot emoji-inspired dance in the all-hands meeting. You being you makes us, us.


Our customers come from all walks of life and so do we. We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our company stronger.


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