UX Researcher 

Job Purpose

This role provides UX expertise to underpin Ocado Technology's user focus, merging user and business needs to support the design of great products and solutions for our clients. 

Working in the Ecommerce product stream, the UX Designer will support product and engineering teams using their visual awareness, UX skills and technical aptitude to design accessible, user centred solutions that meet commercial goals and deliver an amazing user experience

Roles & Responsibilities

Product Alignment & Collaboration

  • Have a flexible delivery focussed approach, liaising with Principal Product Manager to understand and align UX effort and priorities with roadmap objectives/deadlines
  • Creates UX deliverables that meet user & product stream missions / objectives
  • Uses quantitative data to supplement qualitative research efforts helping ensure continuous and commercially sound improvements.

Researching & Understanding User Needs

  • Recommends research topics and themes with UX & Product teams
  • Conduct simple design evaluations with Product team and identifies opportunities to validate designs
  • Uses research insights to identify and prioritise opportunities, creating actionable design recommendations and iterations to product features
  • Sharing meaningful insight based on research efforts with other UX Design and Product colleagues

Service Design

  • When designing, consider and use insights from touchpoints across the entire end-to-end service & the experience of different actors affected by the service
  • Contribute to the creation of customer journey flows and empathy maps to help visualise different actors' scenarios and flows for broader team and stakeholders

Design Thinking

  • Source data and use it to challenge problems and assumptions together with qualified insights.
  • Explore multiple approaches to a problem before deciding on a research approach.
  • Contribute to ideation with Product, Engineering and UX teams, taking an inclusive approach by considering all users in all research activity.

Interaction Design and Information Architecture

  • Apply research techniques to help drive understanding of the effectiveness of our I.A. & considers user needs with those of business, product & UX
  • Ensures user insights consider interactions holistically across multiple devices and technologies (e.g. apps, web and clarify various capabilities and limitations. new interactions

Visual Design

  • Able to gather insight and actionable feedback on the fundamental principles of Visual design to validate the effectiveness of visual hierarchy & typography
  • Identify inconsistencies,  understand user impacts and share with the team to help improve end designs
  • Understand the differences between native apps & responsive layouts when testing with users or sharing insights with a team.


  • Helps to create a strong sense of purpose and mission for the UX team
  • Shows empathy with product & engineering teams and customers
  • Evangelises customer needs in a compelling way to department and engineering teams

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Knowledge of working with mixed teams / functional areas, including product management, engineering, UX/UI
  • Proven ability to plan, mange, track and deliver on commitments
  • Ability to work in a team effectively and / or work autonomously
  • Ability prioritise in a fast-paced environment
  • Exposure to working with design and technology teams

Equal Opportunity Employer

Ocado is an equal opportunities employer and as such makes every effort to ensure that all potential employees are treated fairly and equally, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, age, disability or union membership status.


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