OANDA is looking for a passionate Site Reliability Engineer to apply software development principles and practices to solve difficult operations problems.

As an SRE, you will be embedded in one of our development teams, acting as the champion for reliability best-practices including observability, automation, high-availability, fault tolerance, and full-lifecycle ownership. The perfect candidate for this role has a strong data-driven approach improving the performance of our products in on-premise and cloud environments.

Experience &  Skills:

  • Strong experience working in cloud-native and on-premise environments, in bare metal, virtualized (VM), and containerized / orchestrated deployments (AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes,  Anthos, Cloudflare)
  • Experience working with any infrastructure-as-code and configuration management tools (Ansible, Terraform, Helm, etc.);
  • Programming experience with any of Python, C++, JavaScript, Go.
  • Experience with incident response and security-focused mindset;

Primary Duties:

  • Tap into your passion for eliminating repetitive manual processes (toil) using automation. Draft playbooks, and conduct tabletop and chaos engineering exercises to avoid operational underload and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Solve difficult performance and reliability problems. Perform code review for your development peers to ensure reliability, observability, and security are key pillars of our work.
  • Collaborate with product managers and business stakeholders to set and maintain Service level Objectives (SLOs) and metrics that are representative of our customer experience.
  • Participate in a cross-functional on-call rotation to support the team's code into production. PArticipate in on-call rotation, lead the blameless post-mortem process, and feed remediation tasks back into the development pipeline.
  • Articulate the SRE ethos to your peers and stakeholders and help educate your colleagues the application of SRE principles to achieve a healthy balance of new feature development and reliability initiatives.

Experience &  Skills:

  • Experience as a software developer, or in an SRE-related field; a solid development background and
    understanding of software development practices is necessary to be successful in this role.
  • The best candidates will have experience working in cloud-native and on-premise environments, in bare metal, virtualized (VM), and containerized / orchestrated deployments.

What is our application process? Design to the current mobile first environment- video calls and the possibility of using LinkedIn profile instead of resume Let us know you!

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OANDA’s vision is to transform how our clients can meet all of their currency needs with innovative and
award-winning solutions. Founded in 1996, OANDA became the first company to share exchange rate
information on the internet free of charge and in 2001, we launched a trading platform that helped pioneer
the development of online-based trading around the world, allowing forex and CFD investors to trade the
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we are looking for highly motivated, passionate individuals who want to make a mark in a dynamic
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