NVE Experience Agency


A full-service experience marketing and event production agency.
Events end. But the right moment will transform someone forever.

By harnessing the power of cultural context, we help brands illustrate and amplify their stories through immersive, engaging, and impactful experiences.

We like to break the rules, but there are a few we always follow:
Always ask why.
Break boundaries while rooted in relevance.
Apply expertise and execute with grit.
Shatter expectations with unprecedented results.
Embrace the Polished Hustle.

We are NVE.





Current Job Openings

Client Services

Account Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA
Group Account Director
Los Angeles, CA
Senior Account Director
Los Angeles, CA





Director, Agency Resourcing
Los Angeles, CA


Associate Event Producer
Los Angeles, CA
Event Producer
New York, NY

Strategy and Communications

Senior Strategist
Los Angeles, CA

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Treehouse Fabrication