About Nubank

Tackling the complex banking system to empower people in one of the most bureaucratic markets in the world seems like a crazy idea, right? But that's why, how, and where Nubank was born. We fight complexity through our transparent and straightforward products and experiences: a no-fee credit card, a rewards program, a lending platform, and a digital savings account. In a nutshell, we are the most innovative tech company in Latin America, and we are obsessed with building financial services and products that make our customers love us fanatically. With over 30 million customers and $820 million raised in investment rounds, we are the fastest growing digital bank in the world, with offices in Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, and Argentina. And it's still only Day One for us!

Our Data Science Chapter

At Nubank we aim to empower our customers to take control of their financial lives. The Data Science team develops models and leverages its expertise to provide the best experience and products, using statistics, Artificial Intelligence, and lots of creativity to predict our customers' behaviors. Our team strives for cutting edge model development techniques, from Machine Learning to Reinforcement Learning and beyond. We're partnering with business and technology to make the speed of thought decisions possible.


As a chapter, we identified a set of principles that guide behaviors we admire in each other and we pursue as a team:

  • Diverse ensembles don't overfit;
  • We reinforce each other's learning;
  • Mind the person behind the data point;
  • We share the same objective function;
  • We trust our confidence interval;
  • Pursue global maxima.

The position

This is a senior individual contributor role. 

At Nubank, a Senior Data Scientist is expected to have a record of solving problems with data, especially by using Machine Learning models. It's a person with the autonomy to break down larger problems into actionable items, to communicate well requirements, ideas and interact well with business analysts and engineers in order to deliver.

Especially at this moment of Nu Colombia, it's important to be ready to design experiments, build the datasets that will support future analytics and machine learning models, perform data analysis, communicate with data providers and be ready to support decision making in different areas, such as credit risk and fraud.

Once here, you will:

  • Analyze the very first cohort of customers data;
  • Monitor our decisions and customers behavior;
  • Create policies for credit and fraud;
  • Create datasets with acquisition information;
  • Design tests to create the best data possible for future Machine Learning models;
  • Work on the requirements to have Machine Learning models in a new country;
  • Productionalize and scale the initial version of the most important machine learning models for Nu Colombia across credit risk & fraud that will directly result in business outcomes;
  • Bring expertise to the team to help design and prioritize projects across the many areas involved in building machine learning products (training, deployment, data consistency, monitoring, governance, etc.);
  • Translate complex business challenges into specific and well-designed machine learning solutions that meet business requirements;
  • Provide technical guidance for more junior team members;
  • Ensure the team maintains a high level of technical excellence;
  • Look and implement improvements in the way we work and organize.

Things you'll need to thrive in this role:

  • Consistent coding skills in any language and autonomy with programming. Python/Scala is a plus;
  • Nice data handling skills, SQL proficiency is a plus;
  • Strong analytical skills, good business sense to connect early-stage company data to decision making;
  • Strong understanding of Machine Learning models development and deployment pipeline;
  • Experience with machine learning tools and libraries such as Scikit-learn;
  • English language proficiency


  • Equity at Nubank
  • Health insurance
  • Vacations of 15 workdays
  • NuLanguage - Language learning program
  • Parental leaves

Diversity and Inclusion

We want to have a product for everyone, and we build strong and diverse teams that rise to the challenge. We are a team of the most creative people in technology, and we hire under equal opportunity, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or background. We are proud to say that 30% of Nubanker recognize themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and 40% of our team comprises women in all positions and seniority levels. We are a very process-light organization that values human interactions, and that is an essential part of our culture. At Nubank, everyone has the opportunity to speak up and participate, grow, and share ideas.

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