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Nubank was born from a simple idea: everyone should have control over their own money. We enable millions of Latin Americans to live better by freeing our customers from a bureaucratic, slow, and inefficient traditional banking system. With operations in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and offices in Argentina, Germany, and the United States, Nubank is the world's largest independent digital bank, reinventing over 35 million customers' financial lives.


We're redefining people's relationships with money through seamless, transparent products and outstanding customer service: a no-fee credit card entirely managed by a mobile app and held by over 21 million people, and a digital account, free of taxes, owned by 35 million Brazilians. We also offer hassle-free personal loans, a benefits program with points that don't expire, a business account tailored for SMBs, and life insurance. In 2020, Nubank acquired digital broker Easynvest and became the leader in self-directed digital investments in Brazil.


Throughout the years, we raised over US$2 billion with some of the best-known growth and technology investors in the world. Forbes magazine elected Nubank best bank in Brazil for three years in a row, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Fast Company magazine named us the most innovative company in Latin America and CBInsights as the most valuable challenger bank.


Why is Regulatory Operations important to Nubank

The Regulatory Operations team is the main responsible to maintain the sustainable growth of Nubank supporting the regulatory demands of Bacen Jud (Judicial Orders) and KYC, finding ways to challenge the bureaucratic processes of the financial market, maintaining the controls required by the regulators.


What does an Analyst do at Regulatory Operations squad:

Responsible for following up, reading and treating Judicial Crafts received via BC Correios, Sisbajud or any other means, whether physical or electronic.

Fulfills the requests of blocks and judicial unblocking received via Sisbajud

Make and send the files to the Judicial Agencies, via Simba and STA, for the breach of bank secrecy.

Interacts with judicial agencies to clarify doubts and request access keys, following the rules of bank secrecy.

Knows the specific regulations of CCS, Sisbajud and Cadastro, as well as has the responsibility to apply them in your routine contributing to the continuous improvement of processes and internal controls.

It is always attentive to the arrival of new rules about the client's registration and gives support to Squads and Tribes on the subject.

It actively participates in the execution of projects and initiatives that involve relevant impacts on the Squad.

Believes in and values the dissemination of Nubank's values and culture.


Desired skills and experiences

  • Previous experiences with Judicial Orders, attendance of Courts demands and/ or any other technical background related to Laws.

  • Have knowledge in Excel, Sheets, Looker, SQL and Python.

  • Have knowledge about Investment markets, Stocks and CVM regulation.

  • Ability to write and communicate in English.

  • Complete bachelor degree;

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