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Tackling the complex banking system to empower people in one of the most bureaucratic markets in the world seems like a crazy idea, right? But that's why, how, and where Nubank was born. We fight complexity through our transparent and straightforward products and experiences: a no-fee credit card, a rewards program, a lending platform, and a digital savings account. In a nutshell, we are the most innovative tech company in Latin America, and we are obsessed with building financial services and products that make our customers love us fanatically. With over 30 million customers and $820 million raised in investment rounds, we are the fastest growing digital bank in the world, with offices in Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. And it's still only Day One for us!


Data Platform at Nubank 

We strive for state-of-the-art data engineering practices and that currently includes a variety of technologies. While we value candidates who are familiar with them, we are also confident that data engineers interested in joining Nubank will learn from our team.


  • A multi-cloud data platform that is built under the funcional engineering paradigm.
  • In order to have a very democratic data environment, we use platforms like Databricks, BigQuery, and Looker to provide a complete data experience for a big and very broad audience with many levels of data-literacy. Currently, more than a thousand nubankers use our platform on a weekly basis.
  • Horizontally scalable microservices written mostly in Clojure, using Finagle and leveraging upon functional programming techniques and hexagonal architecture.
  • High throughput jobs and inter-service communication using Kafka.
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment into AWS.
  • Storing data in Datomic and DynamoDB.
  • Monitoring and observability with Prometheus.
  • Running as much as possible in Kubernetes.
  • We are a process-light organization that values human interactions. We value working in small, independent teams that feel like small startups within the company, and avoid coupling and centralizing where realistic. We understand that execution is the key to success and optimize processes to remove bottlenecks.

You can read more about it in our engineering blog and get some insights into how we work. 


Nubank Data Engineers in the Data Platform will solve the following problems 

  • Work on a self-service BI platform that powers all data-assisted decisions across Nubank
  • Refine the data platform to enable a broader set of data applications such as streaming systems
  • Improve user-experience and platform predictability through work on monitoring, automation, and system reliability
  • Remove bottlenecks and improve performance, at times by redesigning critical components from scratch
  • Triage bugs and exceptions reported in production and conduct system load/stress tests
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities and implement controls to deal with them


Once here, you will have 

  • Hands-on experience building and operating a large-scale BI environment, from the multi-cloud data transfer between AWS and GCP to the administration of the data tools.
  • A deep understanding of how to administrate and enable BI data tools (e.g. Databricks, BigQuery, Looker) in a multi-cloud environment with thousands of users, tens of thousands of datasets, and petabytes of data. Batch and Stream.
  • Experience providing an effective BI platform to address a multitude of use cases for people with diverse backgrounds in data.
  • Passion for making the inner workings observable and experience improving stability and performance.
  • Experience with a distributed architecture built with Clojure under the functional paradigm and relying on an intense use of Kafka.


Experience with the following is desirable 

You don't need to have it all because you will learn a lot here, but we are looking for people with experience in the following areas:

  • Operating systems with high stability and security requirements
  • Administering platforms as BigQuery, Databricks, or Looker
  • Monitoring and logging tools (like Prometheus, Splunk, and Grafana)
  • Writing and operating production-ready services in a functional programming language (like Clojure)
  • Experience with administration of BigQuery and Data Studio over GCP is a plus


We expect you to

  • Thrive in dynamic, fast-paced, results-oriented teams
  • Be hungry and enjoy being constantly challenged to learn and do more
  • Embrace conflict of ideas and question the status quo
  • Learn fast and easily adapt to changing situations and priorities
  • Believe in building great products and doing great work
  • Understand the big picture, be held accountable, and make a meaningful contribution with their work


Core Benefits

  • Health, dental and life insurance
  • Meal allowance
  • Transportation assistance
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • Equity at Nubank
  • Parking partnership - discounted parking in our office
  • Free bike parking with showers available
  • NuCare - Our mental health and wellness assistance program
  • NuLanguage - Our language learning program
  • Gympass partnership
  • Extended maternity and paternity Leaves
  • Child care allowance
  • 'Espaço Feijão' - Private nursing and breastfeeding spaces in our building
  • Onsite Health Center - Medical support for every Nubanker in our office


Diversity and Inclusion at Nubank

We want to have a product for everyone, and we build strong and diverse teams that rise to the challenge. We are a team of the most creative people in technology, and we hire under equal opportunity, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or background. We are proud to say that 30% of Nubankers recognize themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and 40% of our team comprises women in all positions and seniority levels. We are a very process-light organization that values human interactions, and that is an essential part of our culture. At Nubank, everyone has the opportunity to speak up and participate, grow, and share ideas.

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