We are looking for an experienced Senior Data Scientist to join us.

In this role, you would be expected to parse data from unstructured data sources and process this into information that would be used to generate key metrics. Furthermore you would work on exciting AI-driven products such as recommender systems, chatbots, Intelligent bench-marking systems that would truly add value to our customer's experience on the platform.

You will also be asked to coach and mentor our new hires and interns. Based on your experience, you will be a go-to resource for your team for complex challenges and day to day support. This role will help build your leadership and grow your career.


  • Doing cutting edge research in solving problems related to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance).
  • Evaluating practical implementation of research outcomes to solve business problems.
  • Building AI products in line with relevant industry best practices.
  • Mining and analyzing data from different databases to improve marketing, product development, or overall business strategies.
  • Using predictive modeling to optimize reporting, data quality, and customer experiences.
  • Develop A/B testing campaign frameworks and testing model quality. 
  • Communicating and coordinating with the team to implement data-driven strategies while measuring progress.
  • Understanding the business needs and identifying key data assets that could be used to solve the business problems. 
  • Act as go-to person for new hires and interns on technical issues.


  • Masters or PhD in Computer Science, specializing in Machine Learning and/or Data Science
  • 2+ years machine learning experience
  • 2+ years hands-on work with Python-based Data Science, Computer Vision and NLP packages (particularly around parsing text from PDF documents)
  • 2+ years working with structured and unstructured data types
  • Solid programming skills in Python, specifically, experience in distributed and parallel computations, optimization strategies (optimization in terms of memory and computation)
  • Proven experience in building AI-driven products
  • Ability to switch between different fields of AI namely NLP and Computer vision for developing solutions to automate information extraction from unstructured complex data structures.
  • Ability to effectively communicate the findings and the work to major stakeholders.
  • Ability to write efficient and testable code
  • Fair understanding of principles in Software Development Life Cycle
  • Good understanding of deep learning frameworks in general and specifically in the context of NLP and Computer vision
  • Experience with natural language processing, question-answering, semantic search, and recommender systems is an asset.

What we offer:

  • Join an early stage, well-financed company
  • Advance Novisto’s purpose of contributing to the sustainability of the economy, environment, and society by empowering companies to make better decisions and disclosures through our ESG data management software
  • Contribute your knowledge and insights to increase awareness and knowledge of sustainability
  • Generous health benefits (100% Insurance coverage & access to Dialogue's telemedicine app)
  • Flexible schedules & opportunity to work remotely 
  • 4 weeks of vacation 
  • Stock option plan 
  • Summer hours 
  • If you prefer to work at the office, we have a beautiful office, in Old Montreal, close to downtown and steps away from a metro (subway) station

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