We make small businesses more successful through better banking.

Our company is looking for a Senior Brand Marketing Manager to join our growing team as we enter a new phase of expansion 🚀 We are a Toronto, New York and San Francisco-based, venture-backed startup at the heart of the FinTech movement that is shaping the way financial services are delivered.

Our story

Our company’s purpose is to eliminate the pain that small business owners face through their financial management and banking. To achieve this, we’re rebuilding business banking from the ground up. Imagine you could start with a clean slate and think of a different way to deliver banking to small businesses. What would you change? What would you keep? These are the decisions that we make every day.

Our product

NorthOne is a mobile, tech-powered bank account built for startups, freelancers, and small/medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Poor financial literacy has an outsized impact on the costs and failure rates amongst SMBs, and we are on a mission to eliminate these problems. We are more than a banking platform, we are the world-class Finance Department that SMBs could never afford.

Our team

We ❤ brand. As a Senior Brand Marketing Manager, you will be the go-to campaign and project owner for our brand marketing initiatives and help to put our brand on the map. You’ll also benefit from our experienced leadership and incredible advisors. Our COO has helped build companies like Frank and Oak and has lectured about marketing at SXSW. Oh, and our CEO? 6 years at McKinsey working on digital customer experience in financial services. We’re building a product that solves real pain, vs the imagined kind. Feeling it?


  • Help articulate and champion our brand values and personality so that everyone - from our employees to our customers - knows what NorthOne stands for and how we show up.
  • Serve as the project owner for marketing campaigns, projects and activations. You will be at the center of some of our most impactful brand marketing from start to finish.  
  • Lead ideation sessions and pull great ideas for brand marketing from all corners of our business. 
  • Augment PMM and Growth Marketing campaigns with elements of brand marketing, i.e. turn ordinary go-to-markets into emotionally resonant brand moments. You’ll create opportunities for NorthOne to connect small changes to a bigger company narrative.


Today you might be a Brand Manager, Project Manager, Producer, Content Strategist, Account Executive or the equivalent in your company...or something that we haven’t heard of yet - we keep an open mind.

The most important characteristic for our Senior Brand Marketing Manager is your attitude. We want you to join because you don't see roadblocks, you see opportunities to be at your best. You know that somehow, you can figure anything out.

The skills required for this role

  • Collaborative and egoless. We list it first because we really mean it - you’ll be part of a kind and generous team that will be committed to your success, and expect the same in return. 
  • Autonomous generalist. You’re probably pretty good at lots of things, and can dive in just the same in a dense spreadsheet or Figma file. 
  • Highly organized. You’re the glue that keeps the project together and delivers it to the world. 
  • Outgoing facilitator. You’re quick to get on a call or get a situation unstuck by working out the details with your teammates. Lots and lots of followthrough. 
  • Scrappy and inventive. You get giddy finding creative ways to develop great campaigns without a million dollar budget.
  • Strong data literacy. You know how to measure outcomes and understand if your work made a difference. 
  • You have experience developing brand marketing for a brand that made real, human connections with its customers and created market differentiation with its personality.

Bonus points

  • You understand (and get fired up by) the difference between working at a traditional bank and NorthOne: we’re here to actually help small businesses and be their champion, and because of that, we cannot be a normal banking brand with normal banking marketing.
  • We have some terrific writers and designers for you to partner with, and they will benefit from your sharp feedback and the occasional free set of hands. 
  • You’ve worked at a fast-growing startup or agency.
  • Your portfolio demonstrates a track record of breakthrough marketing.
  • You have agency and freelance contacts in your digital rolodex that you can use to quickly bolt-on talent when your campaigns need it.

If you are this close to what we’ve described but aren’t sure, apply. Let’s figure out together if this is where you could shine.


Our mission is big and audacious, but we're assembling a team to take the challenge head on.

As a Senior Brand Marketing Manager, you'll be joining a team that prioritizes:

  • People: Our company is more than just a business. We’re a band of brothers and sisters supporting each other on our mission to rebuild business banking. We’re really serious about mission, fit, and the people we work with. You’ll be part of a rapidly scaling team that reflects these values and keeps this place special.
  • Diversity: You'll find yourself in an environment that values diversity and inclusivity. Excellence doesn't come in one flavor and neither should we.
  • Leadership: You’re right in the thick of it, making critical decisions that will clear our path forward.

You’ll receive: 

  • Top-tier health/dental benefits: We care about the people we work with and put their health first. NorthOne is proud to offer inclusive health and dental coverage.
  • Flexible working hours: We don't clock in and out at set times. You know when you do your best work. We celebrate accomplishments, not how many hours are spent at the office.
  • Unlimited paid time off: We hire talented people and know that they need time off to be at their best. Take as much time off as you need to recharge and make sure you’re working sustainably.
  • The latest computer equipment: We make sure you have the best equipment so you can produce great work.
  • Professional development budget: We support lifelong learners by covering the cost of classes, workshops and conferences. You'll also get access to our ever-growing library of industry-related books.
  • Remote get-togethers: Bond with your teammates over shared interests at regular get-togethers. Find like-minded people who are passionate about everything from sport and music to gaming and cooking.
  • One hell of an adventure!

If you recognize yourself in this job description, let's talk.

NorthOne is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and celebrates diversity. We welcome all applicants regardless of race, colour, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability status or national origin.

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