We make small businesses more successful through better banking🚀

Our company is looking for a Growth Product Manager to join our growing team as we enter a new phase of expansion. We are a Toronto-based, venture-backed startup at the heart of the FinTech movement that is shaping the way financial services are delivered.

Our product

NorthOne is a mobile, tech-powered bank account built for startups, freelancers, and small/medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Poor financial literacy has an outsized impact on the costs and failure rates amongst SMBs, and we are on a mission to eliminate these problems. We are more than a banking platform, we are the world-class Finance Department that SMBs could never afford.

Our team

We ❤ product and growth. As a Growth Product Manager, you’ll work with our world-class Growth, Product and Engineering teams. You’ll also benefit from our experienced leadership and incredible advisors. Our COO has helped build brands like Frank and Oak and has lectured about growth at SXSW. Oh, and our CEO? 6 years at McKinsey working experience in financial services. We’re building a product that solves real pain, vs the imagined kind. Feeling it?


  • Launching new features, A/B tests, products and beta programs that help small businesses discover and start using NorthOne’s products and services
  • Identifying new growth opportunities through user research, market research, competitor analysis and data analysis
  • Managing each stage of the product lifecycle from ideation and hypothesis formation, to definition of done and development, through to launch and further iteration


Today you might be a Product Manager, Growth Product Manager, Growth Marketer, Product Owner, or the equivalent in your company...or something that we haven’t heard of yet - we keep an open mind 🙌🏽

The most important characteristic for a Growth Product Manager joining our team is your attitude. We want you to join because you don't see roadblocks, you see opportunities to be at your best. You know that somehow, you and the rest of our team can figure anything out.

This attitude will make you successful in this role (note that this comes before all else):

  • You get your hands dirty: You are comfortable diving into new projects and always bring your own POV. Whatever the task, you like to stretch outside your swimlane.
  • You’re data and insight driven: There are no assumptions. Only numbers, results, and the absence of ego.
  • You get that product is a team sport: You understand how to talk to every kind of role on a product team and how to get the most out of people.
  • You’re experiment and hypothesis-driven: You have a firm understanding of how to drive KPIs through iterative, data-driven experimentation and make that your mission

The skills that will make you successful in this role:

  • The skills required for this role: 
    • Strong understanding of product management principles, frameworks, and product best practices
    • You understand digital marketing and have experience working as part of a growth, marketing, data or product team
    • You have experience launching, analyzing and scaling A/B tests and beta programs
    • You are solid at building dashboards, quantitive models, analyzing data to inform decision making
    • You love diving in deep on building complex user flows, wireframes and marketing funnels with product designers, marketers and engineers 
    • Strong communication skills
    • Experience working with compliance or fraud management teams
    • Experience working on an Agile SCRUM team and with Atlassian products (JIRA)
    • You love diving into API specs and can write user stories in your sleep
  • Bonus points:
    • Experience building out products at scale in SaaS, Payments, or FinTech
    • You’ve worked for a startup
    • You've worked with digital channels (SEO, paid ads, referrals, etc….)
    • You have a understanding of identity verification and fraud detection (LexisNexis, Trulioo, etc…)
    • You have product analytics tools experience (Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc…)
    • You've worked with customer data platforms (Segment, Mparticle, etc…)

Few people have been trained for this sort of role. If you are this close to what we’ve described, but aren’t sure, apply. Let’s figure out together if this is where you could shine ☀️


Our mission is big and audacious, but we're assembling a team to take the challenge head on.

As an Growth Product Manager, you'll be joining a team that prioritizes:

  • People: Our company is more than just a business. We’re a band of brothers and sisters supporting each other on our mission to rebuild business banking. We’re really serious about mission, fit, and the people we work with. You’ll be part of a rapidly scaling team that reflects these values and keeps this place special.
  • Diversity: You'll find yourself in an environment that values diversity and inclusivity. Excellence doesn't come in one flavor and neither should we.
  • Leadership: You’re right in the thick of it, making critical decisions that will clear our path forward.

You’ll receive: 

  • Top-tier health/dental benefits: We care about the people we work with and put their health first. NorthOne is proud to offer inclusive health and dental coverage.
  • Flexible working hours: We don't clock in and out at set times. You know when you do your best work. We celebrate accomplishments, not how many hours are spent at the office.
  • Unlimited paid time off: We hire talented people and know that they need time off to be at their best. Take as much time off as you need to recharge and make sure you’re working sustainably.
  • The latest computer equipment: We make sure you have the best equipment so you can produce great work.
  • Professional development budget: We support lifelong learners by covering the cost of classes, workshops and conferences. You'll also get access to our ever-growing library of industry-related books.
  • Remote get-togethers: Bond with your teammates over shared interests at regular get-togethers. Find like-minded people who are passionate about everything from sport and music to gaming and cooking.
  • One hell of an adventure!

If you recognize yourself in this job description, let's talk.

NorthOne is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and celebrates diversity. We welcome all applicants regardless of race, colour, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability status or national origin.

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